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September 27, 2021, 12:36:00

Je cherche à creer des boutons qui permettent de changer le filtre du SongTree/SongList.
Je réussis a faire des bouton qui changent la playlist, ou qui mettent en file d'attente :
# Enqueue Filter
Button11(label="filter_title", click1='RunPerlCode(::EnqueueFilter(Filter->new_from_smartstring("title:test")))') \

# Play filter
Button12(label="Ftest", click1='RunPerlCode(::Select(filter => Filter->new_from_smartstring("title:test")))') \

Je voudrais un bouton qui fonctionne comme la selection dans les FilterPane, avec par exemple comme filtre : 'playcount:h:50' 'playcount:>:4' ou encore les morceaux dont la note est supérieur à 80...

J'ai tenté des truc comme
gmusicbrowser -cmd 'RunPerlCode ::SelectedFilter(filter => Filter->addnew("'playcount:h:50'"));'
... Mais echec...
September 20, 2021, 19:01:42
Thanks for the response, it all now works great. THANKS A LOT :)))
September 19, 2021, 14:00:27
You need to configure your desktop/window manager to use the command "gmusicbrowser -cmd PrevSongInPlaylist" when pressing the key.
September 15, 2021, 20:32:25
Hi everyone, I have been using GMB for over a month now and definitely love it but there is a small detail have not been able to fix.
Anytime the media key for previous song is used it goes to the *previous played song* not the *previous song on playlist,* is there a way to change the action of media keys in GMB??
I already tried  making a custom profile for my keyboard and mapping the media keys to other characters so they can be replaced as shortcuts in GMB setting but they partially work since it has to be focused on GMB window to activate.
August 24, 2021, 13:08:14
I recognized a strange behaviour when gmb chooses cover art for .dsf-files.
I know this files are kind of special but they get imported and play well - thanks for that feature!

All my audio files are stored on a NAS. I usually put a "front.jpg" and a "tray.jpg" in each album folder.
As I started to use rasperry pi's with runeaudio, mpd or runeaudio created additional "coverart.jpg" and "thumb.jpg".

After importing my 5600 .dsf-files into gmb some albums use the "front.jpg" but most use "thumb.jpg".
Looks like embed artwork is not used with .dsf-files at all.

For some albums I named the musicfolders like "artist - album CD1", "artist - album CD2". It happens that CD1 uses "front.jpg" while CD2 uses "thumb.jpg".

Kind of weird, isn't it?
There is no question here, just an observation.
August 17, 2021, 08:41:45
Je viens de trouver : simplement en utilisant la 1.1.99 qui est de plus une bonne amélioration.
Merci à Gmusicbrowser...
August 17, 2021, 08:21:50
Je n'arrive pas à installer Gmusicbrowser sur Debian 11... Il était dans les dépôts de Debian 10, mais il a disparu.
Merci de votre aide
July 20, 2021, 17:26:49
For me this worked:
Einstellungen --> Felder --> Komponist aktivieren
afterwards mark some tracks --> right click --> Tags neu einlesen
Attention: I first tried to mark all tracks with missing composer/conductor and reread tags - all RAM was used then and the Computer stucked. Better not do it with 3000 tracks at once.
After installing gmb I enabled composer and conductor, restarted gmb and was surprised that gmb didn't recognize composser and conductor.
But now this fields fill up with importing new tracks - just perfect.
July 18, 2021, 15:39:09
I don't know if this would be useful to anyone else, but sometimes I like to just leave my player running, for a couple reasons: Sometimes it helps me sleep to have certain music playing; sometimes I like to leave it going when I leave the house, to make it seem like someone's home; and sometimes I like to have it going in a room that I'm only in part of the time.

For these reasons, I'd like to temporarily suspend 'last played' and play count. Maybe there's already a way to do it with a hotkey and perl command, I don't know. But when I use weighted random, it usually pushes recently and often played songs to the bottom, including songs that played when I wasn't around.
June 20, 2021, 22:59:41
To be clear, I'm looking to activate only the selected track, or tracks, in my list of search or filter results, and not the entire list. I would also like to know how to create buttons to add the entire result set to the bottom of the playlist, or to the next position in the playlist.