As an example I have 3 Genres Classical, Classical II and Classical III - each is very different and helps me considerable filter out or in things i want.

How can I use the "regexp" (or indeed any other option) to create a playlist of Classical and Classical III where the Playcount is at most 0.

I have been trying all different options including the regexp (which I am crap at) and am getting nowhere.

Ideally, I would like to use an option "Equals" rather than contains.

OK, guess that the Moderator is unavail to approve this message. I have created a workaround for now by giving one of the Tags a completely different name so that it can be included or excluded separately without issue.

Am a new convert to this player. Have got right into it recently and appreciate the Devs work.

Now that we have had a couple of releases recently, I hope that some of the glitches and occasional odd behavior (all minor but slightly irritating nonetheless) can be looked at. I am a little reticent to bombard the Dev with "issues" yet, but will get to know more, adjust and be back later.

You should be able to do that with the filter editor.
For the regexp, you want ^Classical( III)?$
But you can easily select just those 2 genres by "Add multiple condition", select "Any of" and add a condition, select genre, select includes, and then select the genre you want, repeat for the 2nd genre.

The dialog is a bit cumbersome to use though, you can also use the Simple Search widget*, simply typing:
genre~"^Classical( III)?$" playcount=0should work, or
(genre=Classical | genre="Classical III") playcount=0

*Sadly I still haven't documented the syntax of the Simple Search widget

Thank you.
One of the strengths of this player is it is powerful, and that too can be it's Achilles heal at times. I would not have worked out the expressions in a lifetime. LOL! more of a comment about me than the software me thinks.

My work round is perfect and I am a happy user.

There are some other issues which relate to the templates for the layouts. I will post those at a later time once the beta has made it to release standard as I feel they are less bugs and more UI handling issues and significant enhancements.

Thanks for the response