I recently discovered gmusicbrowser during my process of trying almost every linux player imaginable. I love the ability to customize and think this player has a lot of potential. My only dilema is that I don't have the greatest programming skills yet. What I am trying to do is replicate a theme from a program called musicbee that I use on my Windows laptop. I grabbed this from their forum and was hoping someone might be able to help get me started.

Noisybox, see here, isn't far from your wish.
Parking 5 (here, or by default, not sure), with one column on left, mosaic mode in center, information panel on right neither.
I can modify those two layouts to get closer to your wish, if you want.

So I checked out the two layouts you suggested and played around with them. I prefer the parking5 between the two and who am I to turn down an offer to help out like that? That would be much appreciated.

So how easy is it to add a panel to the right side? I have looked at some of the code for the layouts and although it looks simple enough I know better than to expect simple.

In Parking5, you just have to click on "info" button to make right panel appear.
Do you want a second panel on the right (it should be easy) ?

Yes a second panel would be great.

What do you want to put in this panel by default ?
Do you want a vertical ( || ) or horizontal ( = ) panel ?
Hidable/showable panel or it would show/hide with the current context button ?

A vertical pane with show/hide containing context would be awesome.

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I can make two fixed panel which always contain the same thing or two tab panel with user tab (artist info, lyrics, queue, etc.) but I have to choose the two default tab.
What is your choice : fixed or tab (or one fixed and one tab) and which default fixed or tab for the first and for the second ?

(see joined file : two tab first :  queue ; second tab lyrics - user can add more tab but those default tab can't be remove)

You can test yet : copy parking6.layout in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/ (create layouts folder if any) and load Parking6 from settings (in Garage layouts) ; note the +/- in right panel status to add or remove second panel

I would probably say that I would prefer the tab option with defaults for artist info, and playlist/queue. I tested it out briefly this morning and I am liking it so far.

Is this ok ?

That works great, thanks. I appreciate you taking time to do this.

If you want other changes, tell me  :D

Do you want me to put controllers (button rew play next, timestatut, etc.) on the bottom like Musicbee ?