When I hover over those two buttons, I see the album tooltips instead of the artist tooltips. Looking through the code, they should be there though.

   $Bfilter->set_tooltip_text( ($aa eq 'artist' ? _"Filter on this artist" : _"Filter on this album") );
   $Bplay  ->set_tooltip_text( ($aa eq 'artist' ? _"Play all songs from this artist" : _"Play all songs from this album") );

I'm using latest git. When clicking the buttons, they work like they should.

Just posting it here, since there's no bug forum ;)

thanks for noticing, I've fixed it.
In v1.1.x the AABox use the "artists" field instead of "artist"

About the absence of a bug forum, I should maybe add this to the Question forum description, or rename it, I don't know. The current name comes from the default sourceforge forums. But suggestions to create a new forum, or change the existing ones are welcome.

Yeah, I saw that while looking trough the code, but it confused me too much (and I'm not really experienced enough) to fix it myself. Thanks for fixing it though.

And for the bugs. I like the way most projects handle it by a ticket system (like bugzilla), because it's easy to manage (for example you can close bugs when they are fixed/invalid), but that's probably too much of a hassle for a relatively small project like this (even though being small doesn't affect its awesomeness).

As for the forum, you could probably split this one in a general forum (where people can ask questions and talk about the awesomeness of gmusicbrowser) and a forum to report bugs in.