I love the Queue, Library & Context layout, but it won't resize the way I prefer. Even at minimal width the application spans across my 1024X768 display.

I changed the line to reflect 1024X768, but it didn't work, nor can I resize to the smaller size I need.

I'd love to have this entire window resize to let's say a minimum 300X500, for certain reasons, is this possible? What is the minimum display size possible?

The minimum width and height of the window depends on the minimum width/height of the widgets inside, so rearranging/removing some widgets can allow you to lower that minimum. Note that the way the HP/VP containers are used in gmb makes it a bit misleading, as even though the HP/VP container has a minimum width/height that depends on their 2 children, they allow the user to freely divide the width/height between the 2 children ignoring their minimum, I'll probably add an option to change that (not sure what the default will be).

That said, resizing a large layout such as "Queue, Library & Context" down to a width of 300 pixels is a bit extreme, and require a more radical change to ignore the minimum width of the widgets. Fortunately I added an option in v1.1.x that allows a layout to override the minimum width/heigth of any container/widget, and I found that simply using that option on the toplevel container do what you want.
So you have to use the 1.1.x version, and add the options minwidth=300,minheight=500 to the toplevel container, for 'Queue, Library & Context' it is VBmain :
VBmain = (minwidth=300,minheight=500) HBmenu 5_HPBottom
(options for containers are put in brackets before the contained widgets.)

Let me know if you need help editing the layout.

I 'preciate the info and will be applying it soon. The 300x was indeed extreme, and only really meant as an example. My idea is to have it span about 1/3 to 1/4 of the right side, and from top to bottom. I have a friend I'm going to be moving to this application, and he likes that size so he can do other stuff (even though I keep telling him to put it on a different desktop).

I love this application and have made it the permanent home for my music!

I look forward to learning layouts and such, and will be bragging about my work on this site :)