Author Topic: Need Help Displaying ID3 Cover Art and/or Finding Directory for Custom Layouts  (Read 4006 times)


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I am a Linux/GMusicBrowser newbie.  I am excited to have stumbled upon this very nice looking music player with what I gather to be a very active lead developer :-) However, I am having a few issues configuring the player to my liking and I can't seem to find the necessary info on the site...

My end goal is to apply one of the custom contributed layouts: (one that really emphasizes the cover art).  However, I have 2 problems:

1.) The instructions say to place the custom layout in ~/.gmusicbrowser/layouts/ .  However, I don't have a .gmusicbrowser folder in my home directory.  I also can't seem to find a layouts folder anywhere on my machine.  If I run the following command from my home directory, I only see the following folders:

find . | grep gmusicbrowser


2.) Let's assume #1 gets resolved.  I'm still worried that GMusicBrowser is not picking up the album art from my ID3 tags.  My current player window layout is "Playlist, Library, & Context" and it looks like there is a spot where the album cover should be coming up and its not.  Does the application not look at the ID3 embedded art by default?


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1) I forgot to update it, it's now ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/ by default.
I'll correct the page

2) no :(  v1.0.x doesn't use ID3 embedded art by default, but you can select it manually by right clicking on an album name (either the current album name, or in the album list) and choose an mp3 file with embedded art.
Of course doing that for 100's of album is annoying, I will implement a better cover auto-selection for v1.1.x.


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Thanks for the quick reply :-)

That definitely solves the issue of applying a custom layout.  The only caveat was that the layouts subdirectory doesn't seem to exist by default, so I just created it and placed the .layout file in it and everything worked splendid.

As far as having to manually set the ID3 cover, a little bit tedious but definitely not a deal breaker :-) This will hold me over just fine until v1.1.x

Thanks again!