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Suggestions / Ignore folder and next random track
« Last post by gurie on April 18, 2016, 20:20:09 »

I have two suggestions for new features. For both of them I came up with some workarounds, maybe an expert could comment on them too:

1.  When scanning folders, I would like to ignore the folder AND all subfolders IF there is a file (e.g. ".ignoregm") in the folder. My somewhat ugly solution is to change the ScanFolder routine in
Code: [Select]
my $ignore_file = any { $_ eq ".ignoregm" } @files;
for my $file (@files)

While this seem to work, I don't really understand the routine (I don't know perl...) and don't know if this does anything bad.  Any comments or plans for the future?

2. Some other player (foobar2000?) had the option for "Next random song". I would like to jump to a random track from my library without changing the normal order. At the moment, I use the following dbus commands:

dbus-send --dest=org.gmusicbrowser /org/gmusicbrowser org.gmusicbrowser.RunCommand string:ToggleRandom
dbus-send --dest=org.gmusicbrowser /org/gmusicbrowser org.gmusicbrowser.RunCommand string:NextSong
dbus-send --dest=org.gmusicbrowser /org/gmusicbrowser org.gmusicbrowser.RunCommand string:ToggleRandom

Works really well, but a built-in command may be nicer...

P.S. Thanks for the great work, I love gmusicbrowser!
French / renommer en masse nom de fichier par titre
« Last post by paul on April 15, 2016, 15:51:52 »
j'ai eu un probleme de disque dur.
j'ai utilisé photorec pour recuperer mes données.
pour la musique je me retrouve avec tous mes fichiers renommées en: f280866128.mp3 ogg flac
seuls les tags sont bien en place.
je cherche a renommer tous les fichiers par %t-%a (nom du titre nom de l'artiste) mais je n'y arrive pas.
j'ai essayé avec easytag sans plus de succes.
j'ai chmodé en 777 tous les fichiers et dossiers (des fois qu'il y ai un blocage de droits), mais rien n'y fait.
y a t il dans GMB une commande pour faire cela?
j'ai bien essayé mais je n'ai reussi qu'a la main et un fichier apres l'autre. et il y en a 14000...
en fait j'en ai bien moins mais photorec a retrouvé plein de fichiers effacés, dupliqués, d'autres avec la bonne longueur de temps et d'autres avec seulement quelques secondes.... donc tous a trier....
Customization / Re: Custom Text – originalyear
« Last post by aboettger on April 06, 2016, 00:52:58 »
no ideas?
Questions / No standar tags in gmusicbrowser
« Last post by lovecraft on March 22, 2016, 01:10:05 »
I have files tagged with foobar2000 in a windows machine.

I want to know how i could use this tags in gmusicbrowser.

The tags looks like this in foobar2000

and like this in gmusicbrower:

Also I wonder if I can make tags like "style" to be written in the file
Questions / Re: Display by album artist in iTunes-like view?
« Last post by VastOne on March 21, 2016, 00:54:13 »
I just want to make sure we are working from the same file, makes things so much easier
Questions / Re: Display by album artist in iTunes-like view?
« Last post by jnussbaum on March 21, 2016, 00:53:07 »
Thank you. I have a derived layout with some minor changes that shouldn't have any effect on this question, but here it is (everything here was copies from replies on this forum; I could never come up with this myself):

[IT-custom] based on itunes-like

# i.e. removing star-rating
HBTitle       = Filler0 _Title

# remove cover, since now we have it in left panel
HBupper      = VBleft 5_VBright -VBVol

# Year moved right next to album
HBAlbum      = LockAlbum Album Year

VBfpane3   = _FilterPane3(nb=1,hidebb=1,pages=savedtree) Cover2(click1=PopupCustom(CoverPopup)) VProgress

VBmain= Cover(minsize=650,maxsize=650,click1=CloseWindow)
Questions / Re: Display by album artist in iTunes-like view?
« Last post by VastOne on March 21, 2016, 00:30:02 »
If you post the modified version of it here I will load it and take a look at it to see if I can get it for you

Questions / Display by album artist in iTunes-like view?
« Last post by jnussbaum on March 20, 2016, 23:42:46 »
Hi. I'm using a slightly modified version of the iTunes-like layout.

In the current display, in what I guess is the "categories pane" (because when I go to View->Categories pane and _un_check it, it goes away), there are two boxes, one with Artist and one with Album. (Adding View->Genres pane adds a third box here.) Simply, I would like the left box to display "Album Artist", or if that is blank, Artist, instead of right now, where it's just Artist. The current result is that I have very many extra entries because I get all of the "Famous Person featuring Someone Else" or "Famous Person and Nobody", instead of collapsing them all into Famous Person.

Thanks. I have struggled and have never really understood how to modify the layout properly; I've tried a few things here and just can't tell where this is coming from.
Questions / Re: Started getting GStreamer installation playing error
« Last post by bucaneer on March 15, 2016, 22:32:44 »
Make sure you have gstreamer plugin packages installed, e.g. try running this in terminal:
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-base gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly
Questions / Re: Started getting GStreamer installation playing error
« Last post by distrodan on March 14, 2016, 23:28:01 »
I just found a workaround my installing mpg123 and using that as the output in gmusicbrowser, this only allows mp3 playback though so its not ideal
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