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You can also choose a random order with no rule => all songs are equi-probable.

Hmm, i'm not sure how to put this bit of advice into practice.

Also: Maybe in a future release, we could have a true random shuffle button/option?

Thanks, Quentin.

So, i tend to listed to music via filters, and one particular filter most of the time.
I always use the shuffle option to mix things up, but i get the exact same track order every time.

Is there a work around for this other than shuffling, then scrolling to a different part of the playlist to avoid hearing the same tracks in the same order every time?

If not; Can we perhaps have a true 'shuffle' option in a future build?

Yes, change the values in the plugin configuration for "Minimum size". You probably still have the data for the size of the cover adapted to your layout.

Awesome, THANK YOU!

Copy this in a new file and place the file in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts

Code: [Select]
Type= D
Name= _"helloindustries Insensitive, Song & Cover"
Window = insensitive=1,transparent=1
DefaultFontColor= white
HBTitle = _Title(markup="%t") LabelsIcons
HBArtist = _Artist(markup="%a")
HBAlbum = _Album(markup="%l") -Year
VBText = 2HBTitle 2HBArtist 2HBAlbum
VBmain = VBText _Cover(maxsize=0,xalign=0,yalign=0)

Thanks :)

Works as expected, but i have to ask:
Is there any way to get it to show more characters?
I tend to have a lot of albums/tracks with long titles.

You can use the option markup in the layout definition for "Insensitive, Song & Cover". The layout section is named as "[D_insens_song_cover]" (without quotes)

Code: [Select]
More %-letters here:
More for markup:

Thanks, but code makes no sense to me at all.
May as well be in binary.

I'm using the widget layout; 'Insensitive, Song & Cover' and i notice that it has a limited width, and forces bold text:

(Red lines added by me to illustrate boundaries)

I've looked through the layout data as best i can, but can't identify/find any part that deals with the width limit, or the text formatting. Well, at least anything *I* can understand.

I already have the text set up via the preferences as so:

If anyone could point me to the correct lines of code, or otherwise instruct me on how to set a much wider limit (say, 800pix) and non-bold, i'd really appreciate it.

Customization / Desktop widget layouts
« on: February 10, 2011, 09:32:44 »
Having finally got sick of Covergloobus not working properly, i poked around in the GMB settings and found the desktop widgets.

  • Are there any more than the included layouts available?
  • Where are these widget layouts stored?
  • Are they customisable?
  • If they are customisable, would i be able to set a background image for the widget, to be similar to my covergloobus layout as seen here: (the bottom of the screen)?

to set the rating to 80% :
Code: [Select]
gmusicbrowser -cmd "SetSongRating(80)"
The quotes are only needed so that the parenthesis are not interpreted by the shell, when configuring a global shortcut, you may need to NOT use the quotes to make it work.

I've just added in git the possibility of increasing/decreasing the rating by using + and - :
Code: [Select]
gmusicbrowser -cmd "SetSongRating(+20)"
I plan to redesign the command system after the next "stable" version.

As ever; Thank you :)
In my mere 9 or 10 months of using Linux, you're the most responsive developer.

Looking through the list of remote commands, i notice i can set the rating with a remote command, however, i'm not sure how exactly i need to set the commands to do this.

gmusicbroswers -cmd SetSongRating is the command, but what else to i need to add to it?

Ideally, i'd like to set a number of 20% increments to various keys, or even be able to simple increase or decrease the rating by 20 using, say; ctrl+keypad+ & ctrl+keypad-

Oh sorry, I copied the line from the FAQ, and forgot I've made a small change in v1.1.x, you now have to run "gmusicbrowser -cmd PlayPause" instead. (I need to update the FAQ answer)
If it doesn't work try running it from a terminal and see what it tells you.

Worked perfectly!
Thanks :)


So far i've tried:

Custom command via Ubuntu Tweak / keyboard shortcut settings: gmusicbrowser -PlayPause
And the same again but with: gmusicbrowser -remotecmd PlayPause

But neither seem to work.
I have both the Gnome mmkeys and MPRIS v1 plug-ins active.

I've enabled the plug-in 'gnome mmkeys' and the play/pause button on my Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard responds as expected.

When assigning keys to next/prev (settings>keys) they fail to work unless i have GMB focussed, which isn't much use to me.

I've tried using the back/forward keys on my KB, ctrl + assorted numpad keys, etc, but nothing seems to work. Most frustratingly; I can't assign ctrl+arrow keys to functions.

Any ideas?


assign following to key combination of choice via: system>preferences>keyboard shortcuts
gmusicbrowser -cmd <command here>

Questions / Re: Location of saved playlists and Ratings
« on: December 19, 2010, 22:23:22 »
Ratings, tags, filters and lots of other configuration are stored in a single file, ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc

No idea about exporting, though.

Ahh, there it is!
Wonderful. Thanks :)

At least i know it'll be backed up with everything else.
Good enough for me.

Questions / [solved] Location of saved playlists and Ratings
« on: December 19, 2010, 20:29:05 »
Just wondering where Ratings and saved playlists/filters are stored so i can make sure i have everything backed up in case the worst happens.

Also; How can i export filters (if at all)?

Loving GMB. It's become my default music player. I never thought i'd replace Exile...

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