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Questions / Custom layout not showing in layouts list (shimmer ppa)
« on: October 31, 2011, 16:37:07 »
Hi all.

Just upgraded to 1.1.8 (using the shimmer ppa), and my custom layout isn't available, yet the desktop widget layout works fine.
As before, my custom layout is stored in .config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/nameoflayout.layout

I suspect that it's not showing as it's based on another layout, code below:

Code: [Select]
[Playlist, Library & Context (custom 2)] based on Playlist, Library & Context
HPfp1 = _FilterPane3(hidebb=1,group=1,nb=1) _FilterPane0(nb=1,hidebb=1)
HPfp2 = _FilterPane1(nb=2,hidebb=1) _FilterPane2(nb=3,hidebb=1)
HPfp0 = _HPfp1 _HPfp2
HPBottom = VBLeft _VPRight
TBRight =

Does anyone have the layout; 'Playlist, Library & Context'? I imagine just placing this is my layouts folder will solve this issue.

Thanks for the replies :)

I normally use EasyMP3Gain for gain analysis but it failed to work for one particular album which led me to try the same through GMB. I tried SoundKonverter as suggested but had no luck.

Questions / GMB crashes when attempting to use Replaygain Analysis
« on: October 17, 2011, 01:08:09 »
As the title says; Just tried to use this feature to adjust the replaygain of an album and GMB crashes instantly.

Any ideas?

Using GMB / Shimmer PPA on Linux Mint 11 x86

So, to clarify:

Is Set will act like genre is
Isn't set will act like genre isn't
Has none will not include any genre with X word included and Has is the opposite


The above aside; I'm still of the opinion that the wording isn't very clear.

Is set > Is
Isn't set > Is not
Has > Includes
Has none > Does not include

Hi all,

Over the last month or so, i've been struggling with the change of filter conditions to:

Genres>Isn't set / Is set.

Whichever i choose, the filter doesn't seem to work right.
I'd like to once again be able to set up a filtered list which doesn't contain certain genres, or only contains certain genres (along with other conditions).

Can anyone advise on this? It's totally thrown me off, and i'm very confused about the whole thing. I have to wonder what was ever wrong with 'Genre isn't' or 'genre is' as they're both very clear in intended function.

Note: I'm using the shimmer PPA version, so please do let me know if my issue isn't related to the default GMB version.

Questions / Re: Easy way to duplicate a filter?
« on: July 09, 2011, 11:14:04 »
you can simply edit the filter (right-click->edit filter), and then change the name and press the save button next to it

Ahh, yes. That's a quicker way for sure. Thanks :)

Questions / Easy way to duplicate a filter?
« on: July 03, 2011, 06:52:03 »
Hi all.

Just wanted to see if there was a simple way to duplicate a filter from within GMB.

Currently, to duplicate I need to open the file: user/home/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc, then locate the filter, re-paste it and re-name it. Then re-open GMB and alter the filter as required.

Is there a simpler way to do this? Or perhaps we could get a right-click option in a future build?

Questions / Re: GMB inventing genres
« on: May 01, 2011, 00:57:40 »
I'm not sure how they got in there, but i know they aren't in the IDv3 tags. I've now manually removed all the offending tags, though.

I suppose i should re-focus my question to:
How can i get GMB to only read IDv3 tags?

Questions / GMB inventing genres
« on: April 30, 2011, 04:04:56 »
I'm sure i posted about this some time ago, but i can't seem to find the topic.
Oh well.

Anyway, just finished a full, clean install (hooray for data-loss) and GMB is picking up genres it shouldn't be.
I use a standardised set of about 80-90 genres and all the tags on my collection are very clean yet GMB is listing genres such as '(17)' - Looking at the track properties, it's listed there as '17, <whatever the other genre is>' and '<*>' should be the only genre.

Have i configured something wrong / is there a fix?

Well, I found somekind of a compromise. It seems that timebar can't be skinned, though, so this doesn't look so pretty that I hoped for (and I'm not going to change my system looks just because of this... :))

It's a shame the progress bar can't be skinned :(
Further; It'd be awesome if we could define custom rating stars and other elements just for a particular widget without it changing the player window.

I have reduced the width of the textbox for the artist.

Much appreciated :)

After comparing the existing layout code, and the new one, i can now see how to adjust some parts, mostly the artist and track title position and max width. After a quick play with the values, i find the following to be ideal for the layout as it stands:

Code: [Select]
FBMainContainer = \
24,1,183,23 Title(yalign=0.5,xalign=0,markup="%t",click1="") \
239,1,145,23 Artist(yalign=0.5,xalign=0,markup="%a",click1="")

I won't need to constantly bug you for such trivial changes any more :)
But hey; as ever i really appreciate all the help.

OK, on further tweaking and such, the vertical text placement is still fine, but the horizontal alignment is still off a bit.
I can't figure out where that line on the far right of the BG image is coming from, as it isn't in the BG image itself (attached).

Also getting some text run-over on long titles. Any chance of restricting the text to the areas indicated on the attached shot?

As ever; Thanks for the help.
I can't wrap my head around the customisation method used for the widgets at all. I find it quite confusing. I'd be fine if it used XML or something similar. For example; I got on just fine with making CoverGloobus layouts.

oh, and the BG i'm using (attached)

Ok, you can test it.

Thanks :)
Vertical adjustments are perfect, but the horizontal placement of text seems to have moved 1pix or so to the right.

See attached before/after image :)

Again, thank you.

Completed ...

Hate to be a pain, but could i ask for a very small tweak?

The text needs moving down by 1px, and left by 3pix

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