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Title: New GMB layout - VastOne Tabbed Playlist
Post by: VastOne on November 29, 2013, 23:52:47
GMB has a standard tabbed playlist layout that is 'ok' but not to my likings...

So I rewired it ... This layout has Library Context Queue and Browser Tabs for easy maneuvering through your library

Save the following to /home/yourusername/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/vastone-tabbed-playlist.layout

Code: [Select]
[VastOne Tabbed Playlist]
Default = size=850x675 FilterPane0(page=genre) FilterPane1(page=artist) FilterPane2(page=album,albumpsize=32,albuminfo=1) VPRight(size=230-353)
HBTitle     = Filler0 _Title
HBArtist    = LockArtist _Artist
HBAlbum     = LockAlbum _Album -Date
HBTime      = 7Prev 7Play 7Next Length(markup="$length",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=0) _TimeSlider(direct_mode=1) -PlayingTime(markup="%s",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=1)
VBmain      = HBMenubar _VBText -HBTime
HBMenubar = _MBEdit -BMSettings VolumeIcon
MBEdit = MainMenuItem PSortItem PFilterItem QueueItem SMHelp4
BMSettings = (icon=gtk-preferences,size="menu") SMLibrary LayoutItem PlayItem SeparatorMenuItem01 MenuItem34(click1=OpenCustom(Equalizer),label=_"Equalizer",icon=gmb-equalizer) SeparatorMenuItem20 MenuItem14(command=OpenPref,label=_"Settings",icon="gtk-preferences") MenuItem05(command=Quit,label=_"Quit",icon="gtk-quit")
SMLibrary    = (label=_"Library") MenuItem00(command="RunPerlCode(::ChooseAddPath(0,1))",label=_"Add Music",icon="gtk-add") MenuItem32(command="RunPerlCode(::IdleScan)",label=_"Rescan Collection",icon="gtk-refresh")
SMHelp4 = (label=_"Help") \
VBText      = HBArtist HBAlbum HBTitle
HBmain      = _VBmain 2Filler1 -Cover
HSize0      = Filler0 LockArtist LockAlbum Sort
VPPanes     = _FPane1(nb=4,hide=1,pages=album) SongTree
HPPanes     = _FPane0(nb=5, pages=artist) _VPPanes
HBSearch        = 20Label0(Search anything:) 5SimpleSearch(maxwidth=360) Total3
VBSearch        = HBSearch _HPPanes
TBlist      = "Library" VPRight "Context" Context "Queue" VBQueue "Browser" VBSearch
VBmain2     = HBmain 3Filler2 _TBlist
VBQueue = (tabtitle=_"Queue                  ") HBQueueButtons _QueueList(group=1) Total(group=1)
HBQueueButtons = EditListButtons(group=1,small=1) 4QueueActions
VolumeScroll    = VolumeIcon
VPRight = (tabtitle=_"Library                  ") HPfp0 _VBSongList
HPfp1 = FilterPane1(nb=2,pages=artist) FilterPane2(nb=3,hide=1,pages=album)
HPfp0 = FilterPane0(nb=1,hide=1,pages=genre) HPfp1
HBSongList = 10Label(Search anything:) 25SimpleSearch2(maxwidth=360) Total2
VBSongList = HBSongList _SongTree3(activate=queueinsert,activate2=addplay,songypad=1)

Then load it through layouts


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Title: Re: New GMB layout - VastOne Tabbed Playlist
Post by: aboettger on April 19, 2014, 15:47:27
Are there any new versions for your other layouts? Maybe we should revive the project again. (