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Questions / Re: Album art
October 14, 2011, 11:32:00
Absolutely awesome, works a treat. Thank you again!
Questions / Re: Album art
October 12, 2011, 10:21:58
Thank you very much. About saving the picture in the tag, I do think that it should be saved in all the files from the album, not just the first one; it's more flexible that way, as each file has the info it needs (if you had the song separate from the album, you don't have to worry about where the art is, etc.).

Thanks for the suggestion on popping up a big cover; I now see that this is in the layout documentation. Which is, I must confess, somewhat hard to grok, so can I ask for a little more hand-holding? In, say, the itunes-like layout, the Cover that's part of HBupper will pop up a songlist when you click on it. Where is this behavior specified (e.g. if I wanted this cover to pop up a larger cover instead)? And, perhaps better (since it preserves this behavior for the HBupper section): suppose in the itunes-like layout I wanted to have a cover in the left pane (that has the "Saved filters" and "saved lists", I think it's VBfpane3?)--a cover in the bottom of this box that would pop up a larger cover as you describe in your previous response?

Thanks for being so attentive to questions, it's really appreciated.
Questions / Re: Album art
October 11, 2011, 06:54:06
Mmm, no, this still doesn't work.

Again, my art is stored in ID tags in each individual file, it's not in a separate file in the folder. Gmusicbrowser does not automatically pick this if I add a new album, nor if I use "auto-select pictures". It _does_ pick it if I right-click the album and choose "Set Picture", but it seems I have to do this manually, every time.

It would be nice if the cover-search plugin gave you the opportunity to save the image in ID tags like this. I prefer keeping the images there, because that way each file "Just Works", you can use it with any software and the image is there, the file layout doesn't matter, etc.

Am experimenting with editing layouts to do what I want; thanks. Being able to click on the album image and pop up a separate window with the full-size image, would be nice.
Questions / Re: Album art
October 10, 2011, 01:17:21
I wanted to reply to this, only because I asked a similar question last month, here and the answer you gave doesn't seem to work for me.

I'm using version 1.1.7, and I have most of my album artwork embedded in ID tags. But I _do_ have to choose it specifically.

For example (just to be specific, in case I'm not being clear), I have the AC/DC album _If You Want Blood, You Got It_. If, in the "itunes-like" layout, I double-click on a song from this album, it will start to play, and the upper right corner will show a two-star rating (I never use ratings, I'd love to make this go away) and a "speaker" icon that pops up a volume slider. But there's no image, even though there is artwork in the file. If I right-click the album title, and choose "Set Picture", I'll get a window with a file browser for that directory, but with the album cover already displayed. If I select "OK", then everything's good, and from now on all the songs on the album will display a thumbnail of that artwork, in between the rating and the speaker icon.

But I don't want to have to do this manually for every album. I know you said that it should be automatic in v1.1.x, but it doesn't work for me.

I'd be happy to help debug, if this really is supposed to work, and I'm not misunderstanding something....


In addition: Is there a way to get the art to display larger? For example, if I'm in that layout and I click the album art, I get a songlist of that album. How, in that layout, would I see the full-size art, instead of the thumbnail?
Hi. New GMB user here, very excited by this--much better than other music systems I've used.

I have two questions about the album art. First, the FAQ has an entry for finding cover art without manually selecting it, but I have most cover art embedded in tags in the song files themselves (which is not mentioned in the FAQ entry). So if I go to a new album and play a song, it'll start playing with no art. If, however, I right-click on the album and clock "Set picture", a window will come up with the right artwork, and if I click "OK", I'll be good from then on. But I'd like to avoid doing this manually for thousands of albums. Is there a way to automate this?

Second, and I guess this will depend on what layout I'm using (I'll probably customize mine to get something iTunes-like, but without the rating (which I never use), and with a larger display of the cover in the left pane, etc.), but is there a way to have the cover art display when you click on the album, instead of when you are _playing_ the album? That is, if I click on an album title I'll get the songlist from that album, but I won't get the cover art unless I double-click on it to start playing it. I'd like to see the art when I'm browsing the album without playing it.

Thanks. I have various other questions already, but am holding off because I think I might be able to figure them out myself....