Hi. New GMB user here, very excited by this--much better than other music systems I've used.

I have two questions about the album art. First, the FAQ has an entry for finding cover art without manually selecting it, but I have most cover art embedded in tags in the song files themselves (which is not mentioned in the FAQ entry). So if I go to a new album and play a song, it'll start playing with no art. If, however, I right-click on the album and clock "Set picture", a window will come up with the right artwork, and if I click "OK", I'll be good from then on. But I'd like to avoid doing this manually for thousands of albums. Is there a way to automate this?

Second, and I guess this will depend on what layout I'm using (I'll probably customize mine to get something iTunes-like, but without the rating (which I never use), and with a larger display of the cover in the left pane, etc.), but is there a way to have the cover art display when you click on the album, instead of when you are _playing_ the album? That is, if I click on an album title I'll get the songlist from that album, but I won't get the cover art unless I double-click on it to start playing it. I'd like to see the art when I'm browsing the album without playing it.

Thanks. I have various other questions already, but am holding off because I think I might be able to figure them out myself....

album art:
It depends what version you are using (I need to update the FAQ)
v1.0.x : cover is automatically picked when album is added, but doesn't look for embedded covers.
v1.1.0-v1.1.5 : not automatic pick
v1.1.6+ : picked automatically when added (including embedded covers), and manually with context menu on 2 or more album -> "auto-select pictures"

Quoteis there a way to have the cover art display when you click on the album, instead of when you are _playing_ the album?
Yes it depends a lot on the layout.
A "Cover" widget follows the playing song by default, but can be made to follow the selected song in a songlist by giving them both the same group= option (you may have to add the group= option to other widgets linked to the songlist such as the FilterPanes) (I'm planning some changes to the group= option btw)
On layouts that use a SongTree rather than a SongList, the cover can be displayed next to the songs (SongList can have a cover column too)
And of course, the FilterPanes (that display the list of albums) can be configured to show the album cover, they also have a "mosaic" mode.