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Questions / Re: Previous song headache
September 19, 2021, 14:00:27
You need to configure your desktop/window manager to use the command "gmusicbrowser -cmd PrevSongInPlaylist" when pressing the key.
Questions / Re: How to fudge the date added
April 23, 2021, 21:52:39
No just send me one of the "playlists indicating what month a song was added". I'm not quite sure what you mean by that, does the file contains a date for each song, of is it the playlist itself that is named after the date? I need to know how to get the date from the playlist.
The problem with that is you need to be able to select the row without activating it.
Are you using the gtk3 version (still in beta) ? It might handle touchscreen better.
Also are you using the SongList or the SongTree, the SongList use the standard TreeView gtk widget so it might work better (though it is a bit slow with lots of songs in the gtk3 version).
Hi, I don't know why anything in the config file could have that effect. Can you post a screenshot of that "black page" ? If you think it comes from the config file, you can send it to me (squentin I'll take a look.

Currently you can only save the play count in the tag (Settings->Fields->Play count->check "Read/Write in file tag"->restart, though it will only write modified play counts, if you want to write all existing play counts, you then have to go in Settings->Tags->Update Tags->select "play count".
About writing "last play", I've been thinking about adding write options recently, maybe this year?
Questions / Re: How to fudge the date added
March 06, 2021, 23:57:54
There is no easy (via gui) way to do it, but you can either edit the gmbrc file with a script, each song is one line, fields are tab separated, dates are in unix time (seconds since epoch). Otherwise I can give you a command-line that sets the date for a song, still needs a script though.
If you don't know how to make the script I can help you, just give me an example of your playlist that contains the dates.
Questions / Re: composer/conductor tag empty
March 06, 2021, 23:47:16
Other software might look at some alternative tags maybe, can you send me some examples (squentin ? I'll take a look.

Sorry for not replying sooner, which player are you using (in the audio tab) and did you try another ?
You could send me the single track file by your preferred method, I will take a look.
Questions / Re: Playlist difficulties
January 18, 2021, 18:14:55
You should be able to do that with the filter editor.
For the regexp, you want ^Classical( III)?$
But you can easily select just those 2 genres by "Add multiple condition", select "Any of" and add a condition, select genre, select includes, and then select the genre you want, repeat for the 2nd genre.

The dialog is a bit cumbersome to use though, you can also use the Simple Search widget*, simply typing:
genre~"^Classical( III)?$" playcount=0should work, or
(genre=Classical | genre="Classical III") playcount=0

*Sadly I still haven't documented the syntax of the Simple Search widget
Questions / Re: GMusicBrowser and WAV files
January 05, 2021, 19:25:36
1. "bitperfect .WAV format"
I'd just like to point out that they will still be bit-perfect if you compress them to a lossless format like flac, there is really no reason to keep wav files, unless you are using them with software that doesn't support lossless formats.

2. WavPack has nothing to do with .wav files, they use .wv files, yes it's misleading

3. I recently (only in git version currently) added what I call partially-supported formats or read-only formats, so you will be able to add any format recognized by gstreamer or the mediainfo command, this include wav files, but any metadata you edit in those partially supported files will stay inside gmb.
But again, see 1.
It's a known issue, it's only if you're not using a gmb icon theme I think (changing the icon theme requires a restart because it's currently a mess) it's affecting the gtk theme icons that have a direction (left-to-right or right-to-left) because my code tries to check if the icon exists but it doesn't work for them.
The whole icon code needs fixing, I'll focus on it soon.
Questions / Re: can't import m3u playlists
December 29, 2020, 22:20:51
If you are using the gtk3 version it's because there is a bug from the porting to gtk3, I've fixed it in git. Thanks for reporting it.

The playlist are not saved in independent files.
To be honest I don't use m3u lists myself so the support for them is rather minimal. Generally, lists are discouraged unless you care about the order of the songs, using labels is a much more flexible solution in most cases. That doesn't mean I won't improve the use of lists, but there is so many other things that I want to improve...

Questions / Re: Ubuntu Desktop freezes
December 29, 2020, 17:53:50
My only guess is that some very weird character in the artist names is causing this, an easy way to test this is sending me your gmbrc file (located in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser) be warned that it contains all the options and songs metadata, if you prefer I could give you a command that just print out all artist names, but it might not be enough.

Also you might avoid a reboot by using ctrl-alt-F1, login in, kill the process, and ctrl-alt-F7 to go back to the gui.
Questions / Re: developing of gmusicbrowser
November 23, 2020, 14:28:56
Delete it might use it instead of the real one (though I think they are sorted first so this one should be ignored)
To be sure run run "md5sum /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/" you should get:
9e950637db1490860fce63cd6105f834  for v1.99.1
1ba80eac7d3490f1db7a575d13675b46  for v1.1.16
I've made a version number system for the plugins to use the latest version if more than one is found, but I'm barely using it, I'll have to remember to use it next time I update a plugin.

Questions / Re: developing of gmusicbrowser
November 23, 2020, 03:27:18
This should work in both 1.1.16 and
The fact that you don't see it at all in makes me think maybe you've put a version of the plugin in your ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ ?
If that's not it, run it from a terminal and see what it says.
Questions / Re: System and shell commands
November 12, 2020, 14:35:03
A system command is an executable file, a shell command is passed to the shell, usually bash, and the shell parse it and execute it, it may just run an executable file, but it can do a lot more, like multiple commands, conditions, loops ..., which also comes at a cost of potentially having to escape some characters so they are not interpreted specially. By the way in your example with a *, it's the shell that replace the * with a list of files (which is very useful from a command line, not so much from within gmb)

There is not much documentation for this, though one is the tooltip in the argument entry, the other is the common scheme of replacing fields like %t or $title in gmb, you can check the fields tab to see the variable you can use for each field.
"Run a shell command"
- will run a shell command, so if you want to copy the current song's file you can put "cp $f ~/Temp",
- variables such as %f, %t or $album will refer to the current song ie: the one playing or that would be played if you'd press play.
"Run a shell command on selected songs"
- will, like the tooltip mention, either run one command if $files is used, such as "cp $files ~/Temp" or run one command for each selected file with "cp $f ~/Temp"
- variables such as %f, %t or $album will refer to each selected songs in the focused widget of the current window
of course with cp, one command for all files or one command per file doesn't make much of a difference, but that can be handy with other commands
An easy way to experiment is launching gmb from a terminal and using a command such as "echo %t" or "ls -l %f" and check the output in the terminal.