Author Topic: Show/hide and Library Dependancy  (Read 2284 times)


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Show/hide and Library Dependancy
« on: December 31, 2013, 14:16:02 »
hi, i have two questions about GMB 1.1.10 on Ubuntu 13.10.

firstly, i set the show/hide shortcut to ctrl+L, but it doesn't appear to actually bring the window back. i have to access it again through the Volume controls. how do i fix this?
secondly, i loaded my library in the previous night, but it was empty when i booted up this morning. i had similar issue on another machine with Clementine, but that was due to something about mounting that the NTFS config tool fixed. the drive my music is on is the main drive of my system, so i don't know what the issue could be.
any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Quentin Sculo

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Re: Show/hide and Library Dependancy
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2014, 22:59:24 »
Sorry for not replying sooner

1. the keyboard shortcuts that you can set in gmb are only used when a gmb window has the focus. What you want are global shortcuts, they can't currently be set by gmb, as I prefer letting the window manager handle that. The way to set them up depends on your window manager.

2. my guess is you didn't close gmb properly. gmb only saves the library/settings when closed or with the autosave plugin (or when told to via a command), it doesn't currently detect the shutdown of your desktop session, mainly because I haven't found a clear doc explaining how to do this last time I searched. So it's recommended to use the autosave plugin, which I should enable by default.