Hi there,
i just discovered this fantastic music tool and i absolutely love it tho i have one thing that annoys me. im using "with browser (song tree)" layout and on the left side where i can see all my artists, it shows me the artists only featured on certain songs as well (seems like it recognized tags and just add artist xxx when im using "feat. xxxx" in a song tag). any way to disable it? i only want to see album artists in that column. its just cos it makes a mess in my library.

second thing - is there any chance to add lyric panel to that layout?

thanks for help and sorry for my English - its not my native language!

Currently there are 2 distinct fields artist and artists, artists is a multi value field that derives its values from the artist field and from the title field, using 2 options that you can edit in the misc. tab of the preferences dialog ("split artist names on", and "extract guest artist from title"). So You can disable these options (by unchecking all patterns) or you can remove the artists tab and replace it with an artist tab (by right-clicking on the tabs).
Also note that the artist list can filter out artists that have less than n songs (right click on artist list, "show buttons", change the minimum number of songs). It can be nice to remove artists than are only present in 1 or 2 songs (particular useful for tribute albums where I don't know most of the artists).

About adding a lyric panel, yes you can, you can look at the layout doc (that is not very easy to understand), I've been meaning to make a simple tutorial for a very long time :( Or you can describe where you want this lyrics panel to be (maybe with a screenshot) and someone or me will post the layout

thank you so much - it was so simple and i spend so much time looking for it.

about lyric panel:

i'd just move "length", "year" etc. to the left delete "album" tab (dont really need it as u can see album name at the top) and there would be a space for lyric panel. i also added equalizer at the bottom instead of that panel. is that possible?

thanks again!