it's all in the title.
I think that tags should be presented in the same manner for every file type

The "problem" is that while vorbis tags always show as a TAG->VALUE correspondence, ID3V2 displays custom tags as:

Why do you think that? Why is this a "problem" and, what do you undestand by "presented"? gmb already offers the same form when you edit properties, and the library goes through a great deal to show you a uniform view of tags.

I'll try and elaborate..

If you look at the song properties of a flac file you'll see the vorbis tags. There's the list of your tags, standard and custom, each one with its own corresponding value, which you can edit as you please. PERFECT!

Then you have the ID3V2 tags. I think this are handled very bad, but it's just my opinion.
The standard tags (artist album etc) are listed as you would expect, but the custom tags are not!!
All the tags added by other programs (foobar, mp3tag, quodlibet, whatever) are shown as "Custom text".
Each "custom text" tag has a description (which is really the tag itself) and the value. why?
why just not read the tag as every other program does?
If that's for compliance with the fpms standard.. well then my suggestion is to ditch the standard and let the users handle their tags how they like  :)

So there's the inconsistency in the properties dialog.
Is that a problem?
Well it is in the measure it prevents this amazing music player to develop further!
As I suggested in this other thread, I'd really like to have a better support for custom tags, but that's not just for personal taste of preferring the hardcoded tags over the library tags: a proper support of custom tags would allow for later implementation of some sort of titleformatting, foobar style, which is what I really hope to see soon in GMB.
bear with me, I don't want GMB to be a Foobar clone. GMB is great, and already better than the default foobar in many ways! but if it could also pack titleformatting, then I think it would be the best audio player and organizer ever!  ;D

The advanced tag edition dialog is meant to show and edit the tags as they are, with all their complexities.
This dialog is mostly independent of the rest of gmb, and doesn't prevent gmb from doing anything. I'll reply more about the rest in your other topics

Quote from: Quentin Sculo on March 05, 2013, 00:03:18
This dialog is mostly independent of the rest of gmb, and doesn't prevent gmb from doing anything.

good to know! thanks for replying man!