I'm using a layout with 2 filter panes, one set to Album artist or artist and the other one set to album.  Now, when I select something in the first pane, and then something else in the second pane, the songtree view reacts as expected.  But, when the artist has more than one album, and I double click on the "all albums" portion of the second pane, gmb will start playing ALL of my albums, from the beginning.  Is there a way to make these 'All' bars only apply to what's visible in the filter?  Screenshot and my layout, which was modified in gmb to suit, included for reference.  In this example, if I double clicked on "All Albums (1)", expecting it to simply play that album, it will instead play all albums from the beginning.  Is this a problem with my layout or a bug/misfeature in gmb?


No, no problem with your layout, this is a bug presents in all layouts.

Yes it's a "feature", though it's true this behavior may not be the best, especially with the 'all' row.
All the rows represent a filter, that is used when double-clicking, in the context menu, and for drag and drop.
I remember hesitating between the 2 behavior at one point.
The other behavior (including the "parent(s)" filters in the filter for one row) might not be desirable in some cases too, the filter when you click on an album row might not include all songs from the album.
It gets worse with the filterpane feature (in the button bar) of only showing entries with more than n songs in the filter, as this can't be reproduced with filters, the filter for the 'all' row in that case would have to list the albums explicitly.

So I'm not sure, maybe it could be an option.
Comments ?

Definitely allow users to pick from the two ways.

@imaweasal: sidenote: i see you're using a dark theme. i recently started a white variant of the elementary-icon theme for gmusicbrowser. you can find it in the shimmer ppa (if you're using ubuntu) or in the shimmer github-repository.

IMHO gmb should work in imaweasal way (or should allowing users to pick from the two ways)