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share/sync gmbrc file
« on: May 15, 2011, 07:16:48 »
hi, been using gmb for a long time and i love it.. great app!!
I especially love the "labels" and it's what i mostly use to categorize my music

I hadn't added the ppa so I was using an older version and now that I upgraded, i came up with an issue:
I have an internal HD on my desktop and an external which is always kept synced and they have the same structure (for using on-the-go with my laptop). In older versions, i only had to sync the "tags" file and all my labels where synced to my laptops' gmb. Now I realized that in newer versions there's a new file which saves both options and tags (gmbrc). But i don't want to sync the options on my two computers! Is there a solution?

Here is what i suggest:
  • separate song information from options in two different files
  • save the SONGS information in a file inside the imported folders. ie: if my music is in ~/music save the file as ~/music/.gmbrc-tags (or whatever name)
  • save a backup file in the configuration folder (~/.config/gmusicbrowser) in case the original is deleted for whatever reason.. (somehow backup file should be able to "remember" the original directory)

this way, song information will be independent of folder structure since paths will be relative and not absolute (don't know how it works right now, but in older versions, from what i understand, i had to have the same folder structure in order to successfully  sync the labels by syncing the tags file)

What do you think about that?
Is there a way I can sync the songs info without syncing options the way gmb currently works? (I think syncing only the [Songs] part of gmbrc works, but it's not an on-the-go solution since i have to copy/paste parts of a file each time)

any ideas would be welcome