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VastOne Cover Layout
« on: March 14, 2011, 21:09:57 »
I have finalized a cover layout that needs a bit of background explanation...

About a year ago I was on a Conky Ubuntu Forum thread and predicted that in time, someone would figure out how to use Conky to completely control a music player from the desktop...

Fast Forward to my first days talking to Quentin and how excited I was that I could bring Conky to the GmusicBrowser world (which I did)...

Quentin was very gracious and mentioned that I could replicate my conky layout with a desktop cover widget, my reply was that I liked the control and options that Conky gave me...

I finally took Quentin's advice and have created a cover layout that does just what I predicted.

The great thing about this layout is everything is clickable and editable from wherever you place it.  To edit the song. simply right click the title, same with Artist and Album and even changing the Cover by right clicking on them  

The controls are obvious and you can use the bottom area to scroll the volume up or down.  There is also a Preference button and an Exit button...  

I like using this after I set my play list or queue from the main player, it is more flexible than the tray layouts that have controls and it is always on the desktop...

Oh, and I also do not need to waste the resources on a Conky layout, just as Quentin had predicted.

If I am making too big a deal out of this, I apologize... To me it is fantastic to be able to do what you want in so many different ways with GMusicBrowser

Here is the code, which will also be included in Aboettger's Master Layouts....

and at mine

Code: [Select]
Type= D
Name= _"VastOne Song & Cover"
Window =  transparent=1
DefaultFontColor= white
HBTitle = _Title LabelsIcons
HBArtist = _Artist
HBAlbum = _Album
HBButtons = 2Prev(size=small-toolbar) 5Play(size=small-toolbar) 5Next(size=small-toolbar) 22Filler1 Text(markup=$bitrate B/R) -Quit(size=menu) -Pref(size=menu) -VolumeIcon  
HBTime = PlayingTime(markup="%s",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=0) _TimeSlider(direct_mode=1) -Length(markup="$length",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=1)
VBmain = -HBButtons 2HBTitle 2HBArtist 2HBAlbum HBTime -Cover(forceratio=1,maxsize=0)
VolumeScroll = HBButtons

Just load this up from the Desktop Widgets Plugin and place it where you want it.. I have a monster screen, so 375*375 looks really good for a size for me, of course you can place wherever and change many options on color...

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