August 28, 2010, 19:00:14 Last Edit: August 29, 2010, 14:52:37 by tri1976
In the "edit multiple songs properties" dialog, the drop down for "auto fill based on filenames..." have several options but the one I need is not there.  My filenames are in the following format: "track. title - artist".  Can I add additional options to it?  Thanks.

It's not currently possible, I've been planning to add that for some time :(
In the mean time you can easily edit the file (installed in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/), look for "MassTag".

Currently the formats are defined with a format string (for example "%n-%t") that defines what fields are present, and a regular expression that defines how the fields are extracted from the string. This make it slightly more powerful but harder to let the user customize it, than deducing the regular expression from the format string "%n-%t".

In your case you can add this line :
['%n. %t - %a', qr/(\d+)\. (.+) - (.+)/],

thanks...that works.  It would be nice to consider this feature in the next release  :)

I've wrote most of it yesterday, so it will be in git soon.
it still needs some polishing, and I need to decide if I allow edition of the defaults filename format.
The problem with edition of default formats is that it makes it impossible to update them afterward, it is already the case with the default sort orders/filters/random modes...

easytag does that for you, too.

In fact, I'm not sure how useful having this redundancy is. There is specialized tag-editing software that can bulk-edit files to some pattern.

Quick and basic functionality, sure, but for managing collections to that degree I think it's better to use dedicated software.

I have a system: a "uncategorized" folder where I put everything I rip/download which I then edit with easytag to fill tags, edit filenames and all that. I even use it to move my actual music directory via a "rename based on tag" feature of it (usually /Music/ArbitraryGender/Artist/[Year] Album/# Title.mp3).

Not that I oppose such a feature and if squentin wants it there then let's have it there, but maybe you're looking at the wrong place for such functionality?

I consider the mass-tagging dialog an important part of gmb.
And I personally find this dialog much better than the other ones I've seen, including easytag. :)
Now, I'm sure that there are things that it can't do and that easytag can, and that's fine. I don't have much plans for the mass-tagging dialog, beside polishing the gui, and fixing this issue, which I've wanted to do for a long time and that is now mostly done.

just to throw in my 2cents, i highly appreciate gmb's mass-tagging feature, it's one of the reasons i decided to use it in the first place.
i have to admit that i only tried easytag (and picard) for a short while, but i can't say that their gui was very convincing.