I post my layout configuration for the community. it's the better config for me. the name of the layout is : Nawak

after adjustements you can have that : http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1295016328.jpg

cheers !


Default         = Window size=850x510 FPane1 artistinfo=1,albumpsize=32,albuminfo=1
VolumeScroll      = HBmain
Title                      = %n. %S - %l (%y) - %a

HBmain         = _VBcontrolbrowser VPlibrary
HSize0         = 420 TBlibrary
HSize1         = LockArtist LockAlbum Sort

VBcontrolbrowser   = HBcontrolpic HBTime _FRcover
FRcover                     = Cover
HBcontrolpic      = _VBcontrol 2Filler1
  VBcontrol              = HBbuttonstimebar _VBtext
   HBbuttonstimebar   = Prev Stop Play Next -Quit -Pref -Vol -Button0(stock=equalizer,activate=OpenCustom(Equalizer)) -Playlist(stock=loupe)
   VBtext              = HBtitle HBartist HBalbum
     HBtitle              = Sort _Title -Stars
     HBartist      = LockArtist _Artist(markup=<small>%a</small>)
     HBalbum      = LockAlbum _Album(markup=<small><i>%l</i></small>) -Date(markup=<small><i>%y</i></small>)
    HBTime              = LabelTime Length _Scale

TBlibrary              = List TabbedLists(group=1) Context Context

VPlibrary                    =  _TBlibrary VPintermed

VPintermed                 = FRinfo FRvisu

VBinfo = Artist1(group=1,xalign=0.5,markup=<span foreground='#ffaf51' size="large">%a</span>) Album1(group=1,xalign=0.5) Title1(group=1,xalign=0.5,markup=<i>%t</i>)

FRinfo = (shadow="etched-out") VBinfo
FRvisu = Visuals


VB= _Equalizer
Title= _"Equalizer"

VBmain= _Visuals
Title= _"Visualisations"

HBbuttons       = Prev Stop Play Next
HBAlbum      = _Album -Date
VBText      = HBbuttons Title(30) Artist HBAlbum
HBmain      = _VBText 2Filler1 -Cover(forceratio=1)
VolumeScroll   = HBmain

[perso_navig] based on Browser
Default      = Window(size=1120x820) HPfp(size=180) HPbig(size=360) VPlistAA(size=645) FPane0(page=artist) FPane1(page=album)
VBmain      = HBstat 5_HPbig
HBstat          = _SimpleSearch -Total
HPbig      = HPfp _VPlistAA
HPfp      = FPane0(nb=1) FPane1(nb=2)
VPlistAA   = _SongList

#widget de bureau
# type D layouts : for desktop widgets
Type= D
Name= _"test_louis"
Window = insensitive=1,transparent=1
DefaultFontColor= white
HBTitle      = _Title LabelsIcons
HBArtist   = _Artist
HBAlbum      = _Album -Year
HBTime          = _Scale
VBText      = 2HBTitle 2HBArtist 2HBAlbum 2HBTime
VBmain      = VBText -Cover(forceratio=1,maxsize=0)

Do you have a deviantART account? There you can imagine the layout better. http://www.deviantart.com/
There is also gmusicbrowser group.  http://gmusicbrowser.deviantart.com/


What is deviant art?

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