Author Topic: Playlist Selection Disappears When Going Back/Fwd Between Tracks  (Read 2299 times)


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I Hope The title is understandable. Not sure if this is the correct forum.

Basically, I have discovered a problem when using GMB. I have more than 4000 tracks and they are split into several different playlists. I was listening to one of these this evening, one containing a little over 2000 tracks.  When the track changed I clicked on the Back button (<<<) to play the track again in order to check on the playcount tag and then I clicked on the Fwd button (>>>). However instead of playing another track from my playlist I got a track from another one. When I  checked under the Playlist Filter menu option I found that my original playlist had been deselected and in fact no playlist was selected at all. This meant that I was listening to a random track from the entire collection.

I have repeated this several times and the same thing happens each time.

nb. Sorry - I forgot to say that I am using LinuxMint8 and running GMB 1.0.2


Dave Le Huray
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Quentin Sculo

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What kind of playlists are you using ? dynamic or static. In particular, was the previous song still in the playlist after it was played ?
If the song was no longer in the playlist, that's the expected behaviour : the current song must always be in the playlist, if not the playlist is reset to include it. I added an option to change that behaviour in v1.1.x (though it doesn't cover all cases yet).