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Suggestions / automatically watch for and organize/add new files
« on: July 05, 2013, 23:43:37 »
Hi all,
When I worked with Windows I first Media Monkey and later MusicBee as a media organizer for my large music collection. Now that I'm on Linux OS I have been searching and testing more than 10 media organizers and came to the conclusion that gmb is absolutely the best of them all! The one thing I really do miss in all Linux media organizers, including gmb,  is that you don't have the option of automatic add and organize new music files. In both Media Monkey and MusicBee you have the option to let the software at the start-up watch a given folder for newly added files. If files are found, they will be automatically organized into folders and file names according to your own rules. They will then be moved to your standard music folder and added to your database.  As far as I know in all Linux organizers you have to do all the adding and organizing by hand, which is really a pain in the ass when you have to add files to a folder that contains thousands of sub-folders and files on a external hd (soooo....slow). I know you can check in gmb for added/delete titles, but that also takes up lot of time when you have a huge collection. It is much faster and more efficient when the software has to check only one folder for a few newly added files (instead checking of tens of thousands files for changes.)
Is it possible to implement some kind of tool or plugin that automatically watches one folder at start-up (where you add your new files) and automatically adds the files to your standard music folder and database, in the structure as laid down in the way you want to organize them in folders/sub-folders/files.

Questions / pop-up window hidden under other windows
« on: May 15, 2013, 14:09:27 »
Hi all,

I have recently moved from Windows to Linux (Lubuntu 12.04) and after trying out many music organizers I ended up with gmb. Although there are minor shortcomings/personal wishes (a good equalizer with presets, fade out / in) it is overall a real winner compared to the others. However, I experienced a rather peculiar shortcoming when renaming files and/or album names. In my case, at the beginning of performing the wanted action, the renaming stopped. I took me a while to find out that a small window had popped up with a message stating that two filenames were too long. Trouble was that the window was opened up beneath the bigger rename window instead of on top of it. This is also the case with the small progress window. Is it possible to let the message really pop-up on top of the last opened window?

Thanks for gmb. It takes some time to explore all possibilities and select my favorite lay-outs and options, but so far it is a wonderful experience  :)

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