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Customization / Layout for Audiobooks
« on: April 01, 2012, 16:40:58 »
Hello guys,

gmusicbrowser is really cool. I discovered it a while ago and thought it would be awesome to use it for my audiobook collection.

I'm successfully using the Shimmer desktop layout for this purpose.

However I'd like a modification in the layout and searched around the forum and the wiki, but can't really find a starting point, besides I have no idea how to edit a layout.

What I want to do with shimmer desktop is that I can set the commentary field on the right hand side pane beneath the each cover for each album. I know there is this functionality of adding the comment column, but I want it only once under the cover.

The reason behind that, is that in each track of my commentary field of every audiobook album a description of the audiobook is located. Often it is rather long, therefore a a short commentary row isn't suitable.

I'm not sure if this is working out what I plan, but if could you please refer me to the necessary posts or wiki articles (question mark - keyboard broken). I'm really a noob in this segment so every help is highly appreciated. Maybe there is kind of step by step tutorial which I could use or which one could provide (question mark - keyboard broken).

I would be grateful for every help.
Thanks in advanced!

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