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Title: Disable Remove from Disk
Post by: dmullinax on October 22, 2013, 18:00:49
I right-clicked on a file in my playlist and by accident selected "remove from disk" rather than "Remove from List."  Is there a way I can permanently remove this option?

I had a really tough time trying to retrieve the files.  Not only does it delete them, but I couldn't even go into my recycle bin and recover it because this program permanently deletes them.

Please advise.  Love the software.  Hate the delete option.  No software should even offer this if I want to delete a file I will go directly into the file system and do it myself.  Thanks!
Title: ReĀ : Disable Remove from Disk
Post by: MP4noTags on November 30, 2013, 02:41:43
Hello dmullinax. I'm a user like you.

Opening the correct file in a file manager is not easy to do in a Linux world. Deleting from gmb is nice to have, I used it several times to remove immediately some music files I disliked as they came in a random play session.

Still you're right, it's dangerous to risk deleting files by mistake.

Perhaps a default to a confirmation dialog would be a good middle ground ?

Just my two cents.