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Just figured that I might as well put my personal layout up here, for anyone who might want it. It started as simply the built-in Quodlibet with a SongTree replacing the plain library view, but I've been adding features as I find them interesting. Most useful so far have been the multiple filter tabs and the Stop button replacing the Close, but, honestly, I don't remember everything I added. If you would like any code tweaks or even tweak it yourself, feel free to post them—this is not a final layout, and I'm always happy with suggestions for improvement.

EDIT 2/12/12: Added counter widget and support for discname field. Also renamed file/layout, so old customizations may need to be recreated.

May be you could use the "List" tab (classic panel)

Most of the playlists in the classic tab use TabbedLists, which don't visually fit with the bar, but I was able get enough pieces from various layouts to get a SongList playlist hacked together. Thanks for getting that started! One advantage that I somehow wasn't expecting is the ability to control the list on a per-song basis, adding and removing each individually. Much easier to manage!

Actually, the playlist isn't working as I had hoped. I've copied the code I have below. Without the group identifier, the labels don't filter properly; with it, the playlist is another view of the main panel. What makes this really annoying is that I remember seeing the static list when I first added the line. Does anyone see anything obviously wrong, either in the excerpt or the download?
HBplaylist = (tabtitle=_"Playlist",tabicon="gmb-list") _SongList(playlist,group=0)

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Do you want to see the static lists ?
In this case
HBplaylist = (tabtitle=_"Playlist",tabicon="gmb-list") _FilterPane(page=saved,pages=saved)
should work

But I think your problem came from your "Playlist use". There is functionnality to change playlist show mode :
"all songs" = same as songtree
"filter list" = only songs present in current filter
"static list" = only songs present in the static list choosen

I guess you change your first choice to "all songs".

Put this button in your layout to switch from one mode to another :
Filter(button=1,tip=_"Right-click to remove filters")

From what you've said and what I've seen on the wiki page, it seems like I'd want to use something along the lines of SongList(mode="static list",group=0) (I am trying to get a view of the static list) but none of the various forms of that I've tried have worked. Am I misreading something somewhere?

Did you try to put Filter(button=1,tip=_"Right-click to remove filters") in your layout ?

Sorry, it's been a busy week. I just tried adding that filter in place of the SongList and both in the same HB as the SongList and in the top bar, and repeated the last two after replacing the SongList with the FilterPane, and I don't see any change in their behavior: the SongList still displays my entire library, the FilterPane displays every artist, and the Filter doesn't show up.

Look at Parking5 layout, open infopanel (button 'i'), open Songlisttab (right-clic on lyrics tab title -> add songlisttab) and use the 'filter' button (last on statut bar) to see the effect on songlist and tell me if it's that you want

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I wasn't able to find the Songlisttab, but after updating to the newest version instead of the 1.1.7 in the repositories, the Context pane's playlist tab seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Is there any way to isolate that so it can be placed in an NB?

It's my fault : I misunderstood your problem : when you say "songlist" I understand "playlist"

You can put Playlist on NBpanel :

NBpanel = Playlist

Or, if you want more than one tab :

NBpanel = tab1 tab2 tab3 VBplaylist
tab1 = ...
tab2 = ...
tab3 = ...
VBplaylist = (tabtitle=_"Playlist",tabicon="gmb-media-play") _Playlist(group=..., cols=...,...)

You can add other things than Playlist : button (for filter), etc, in the playlist tab

For instance, NBcontext panel in parking5 (look at queue tab with other things than Queuelist) :
##### Context
NBContextMain = HBLyrics VBQueue NBContext
##### Lyrics tab
HBLyrics = (tabtitle=_"Lyrics",tabicon="gtk-about") _PluginLyrics
##### Queue tab
VBQueue = (tabtitle=_"Queue",tabicon="gmb-queue")  \
HBQueueActions  \
_QueueList(group=3,songtree=1,tabicon="",cols="queuenumber titleaa",colwidth="queuenumber 20 titleaa 248",showbb=1) \
  HBQueueActions = VSeparator40 EditListButtons(group=3,small=1,relief=none)
  HBQueueStatut =  QueueActions -Total3(size="small",group=3)

##### Other context

NBContext = (tabtitle=_"More info",tabicon="gtk-about",tabpos=left90) @same_artist @song_info

Seems like we are both misunderstanding the other, and then misunderstanding the misunderstanding (plenty of the confusion in my posts was from trying to explain one thing when, looking back, you seem to be asking about something different). Would you mind if I restate everything? Sorry about all of this!

I'm looking for a way to put a view of my static list in an NBpanel. I have looked at several methods for doing this, including a Songlist and, more recently, the "Playlist" tab from the context(?) panels (right click the "Same Artist", etc). I once managed to get what I wanted, but at some point that method began mirroring my library and I don't remember what I was using at the time. At the moment, the context(?) playlist tab—which is not a normal Playlist panel—seems to be the most promising (as it is the most recent thing to work), but I am not sure how to place it outside a context(?) panel. It might be easier to work with some method I have not found yet, as well.

I'm not sure there is any difference beetwen Playlist Panel and Context Playlist Panel. I guess taht if you put a Playlist panel with exact same parameters tahn a Context Playlist Panel (group, etc.) you would obtain exactly the same.

By default Playlist show entire library but there is a filter to change that : filter button. For instance in Playlist, Library a context, this button is the second (top left) and it affects Playlist : you can choose entire libray or dynamic filter or saved lists

I don't know if you could put parameters on Playlist panel to show by default saved list but there is a lot of tools to do that in Songlist :

FilterPane1(nb=1,page=list,pages=list) is a panel showing the statics list and if you clic one the songlist will only show the songs in your list.
For instance with Parking5 layout with List in first panel and only songlist :

If you want more filter :
For instance with Parking5 layout with List in first panel and Artist in second and a songlist :

Is this a soluce for you ?

Yeah, it's probably some combination of groups and a few other parameters. I'm not looking at filters though. It would be nice if I could link it in somehow, but I already have three layers of them affecting the main window, including saved lists (if I had any). Instead, I'm looking for a way to view the static list created when I right-click the main browser and select "Play Only Displayed/Selected". There is a tab in the context panels that does show this list, but I haven't figured out a way to get it into NBpanel I use—right-clicking those tabs allows me to open either page layouts or context pages (both submenus), but the Playlist tab was in the primary menu, right above what I see at the top of mine.

I would add an attachment to help explain what I'm trying to say, but it doesn't seem like my computer sees the command when a menu is open.