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Customization / Re: Custom Text – originalyear
April 05, 2016, 19:52:58
no ideas?
Customization / Custom Text – originalyear
August 29, 2015, 20:20:17
I have some tracks with

Custom Text "originalyear"

How can I use this information in a filter?

I'll try to explain it:

The script can be started:
/home/aboettger/bin/gmb-on-track-change "%f" "/home/aboettger/gmb_listen_history" 960

"/home/aboettger/gmb_listen_history" is the history file
960 : The number of hours. During this time, the entry remains in the history file and picard is not started.

Picard is started when the currently playing album is not available in the history file.

Customization / "gmusicbrowser" and "picard"
May 23, 2014, 13:47:46
Maybe this is interesting for someone:

I use this script together with the programs "gmusicbrowser" and "picard".  With each song change this script is called and decided whether the program "picard" should be started or not.
same problem here with Gnome 3.12.2
I can't build the latest version:

msgmerge -s -U -N po/cs.po po/gmusicbrowser.pot
po/gmusicbrowser.pot:2560:56: invalid control sequence
msgmerge: found 1 fatal error
make: *** [po/cs.po] Error 1
quick and dirty patch

sub RunCommand
{ my $IDs=$_[0]{IDs} || $_[0]{filter}->filter;
my @cmd=split / /,$::Options{OPT.'tocmd_cmd'};
return unless @cmd;
for my $arg (@cmd) { ::_utf8_off($arg) if $arg=~m/^[\x00-\x7f]*$/; } # remove utf8 flag from arguments that don't need it to prevent autoupgrade to utf8  of potentially non-utf8 filenames when replacing %f with a filename
if (grep $_ eq '$files', @cmd)
{ my @files=map ::ReplaceFields($_,'%f'), @$IDs;
@cmd=map { $_ ne '$files' ?  $_ :  @files } @cmd;
{ my @todo;
for my $ID (@$IDs)
{ push @todo, [ map ::ReplaceFields($ID,$_), @cmd ];
my $ChildPID=fork;
if (!defined $ChildPID) { warn ::ErrorMessage("export plugin : fork failed : $!"); }
elsif ($ChildPID==0) #child
{ system @$_ for @todo;
The problem exists even in the plugin "Export".
Thank you, it works since the release 1.1.12+1209.  ;D
Questions / Re: keyboard shortcuts
April 27, 2014, 21:04:33
The call by "bash-c "shell_command"" also works only when I start gmusicbrowser from the terminal.
I have a shortcut defined that calls a shell script and passes the parameter %f. But there are problems with special characters.

Here is the call for the shortcut:
gmb_call_picard "%f"

Here is the code for gmb_call_picard

#!/bin/bash -
zenity --info --text "$1"
picard "$(dirname "$1")"

And the zenity ouput:
/home/aboettger/Musik/-=C=-/Phil Collins/Serious Hitsâ?¦ Live! (2236b7ec-6e3e-4467-8aaf-377ff4699138)/1-02 - Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now).flac

And this is the correct file name:
/home/aboettger/Musik/-=C=-/Phil Collins/Serious Hits... Live! (2236b7ec-6e3e-4467-8aaf-377ff4699138)/1-02 - Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now).flac
Questions / Re: keyboard shortcuts
April 26, 2014, 09:57:08
And an other example:

Call system command with arguments
gmb_call_easytag "%f"

#!/bin/bash -
easytag "$(dirname "$1")"
Questions / Re: keyboard shortcuts
April 26, 2014, 09:51:23
This works for me:

Call system command with arguments
gmb_call_picard "%f"

#!/bin/bash -
picard "$(dirname "$1")"
Questions / keyboard shortcuts
April 22, 2014, 11:18:06
How can I pass the name of the folder to a program with a keyboard shortcut?

This version also does not work.
picard "$(dirname %f)"
Customization / size of rating pic
April 21, 2014, 19:06:40
The image have a height of 16 pixels and a width of 80 pixels. Shown are the images too big, so they look blurry. What am I doing wrong?

{Column gmb-art_ratingpic}
title = _"Rat3"
menutitle = _"gmb-art Rat3"
sort = rating
pic : picture(file=ratingpic($rating),h=$_h,w=$_w,resize='ratio',init_file=ratingpic(0))