QuoteIt would be much more convenient if artists' names starting with "The" are sorted by their name not by the article "the" (e.g. finding The Who under the letter "w" instead of "t")...

This is from an old post. I was wondering if it has been implemented yet? I still find The Who sorted under T and not W, where I would first go look.

I've actually implemented this just a few days ago. The only thing left is finding a good wording for the option, currently "Ignore these words when sorting" is a bit long and doesn't say it only ignores them if they are in front, though I could add this in the tooltip.
Any suggestions on a better wording would be welcome.

SORT EXCLUDING _______________
(The... Les... Los... Gli...)


Great! Where is the option? I can't find it.

I've just come looking for the same thing. I can't find this option anywhere!