I m using the git version and it now has an option to scan VBR in 3 ways:

When Added
When Current Song

I've added an option to disable this. So you can either use the git version, wait for v1.1.8, or use ochosi's ppa (that should contain this change).

Im new in linux, what is a GIT version of programs? I have never been able to install anything but .deb or from repositories. I'll search for ochosi ppa.

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open terminal and run

git clone http://github.com/squentin/gmusicbrowser.git

that will create a "gmusicbrowser" folder with the latest version of gmusicbrowser, it also contains all gmusicbrowser's history since v1.0 (in gmusicbrowser/.git/)

You can run the currently checked-out version simply by running :


You can of course run it from any folder by using the full path, for example :


You can use the -C gmusicbrowser option to specify an alternate configuration file :

./gmusicbrowser.pl -C mynewconf

You can update the source weekly by running the following in terminal within the directory:

/home/your username/gmusicbrowser

git pull

Source of the above


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Thanks! I downloaded and installed GIT, dunno why :P ... and also i cannot even find it in my menu programs.

I got this after running the first line VastOne suggest:

/usr/bin/git-clone: 312: curl: not found
Cannot get remote repository information.
Perhaps git-update-server-info needs to be run there?

And also cant finde ochosi ppa :/

EDIT: I found the ppa, now the problem is solved :)


Now this version has no more the layout SHIMMER BROWSER from 1.1.7 =( is there anyway to get it back?

Strange, I'm not responsible for the ppa, but I thought the ppa should have the shimmer layouts.
You can download the shimmer layouts file there :
just put it in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/ and restart gmb.

QuoteNow this version has no more the layout SHIMMER BROWSER from 1.1.7 =( is there anyway to get it back?

i'm wondering how that can happen. the layouts should definitely be there, i just checked the package again right now.
could you check whether the file "shimmer.layout" exists in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/layouts ?
thanks in advance!