Is there a way to make GMB accept WMA's?

not currently, sorry. I plan to add support for it, as it's the last big format not supported, but it may be a while before I do.

Ok, thanks for the answer.

So i'm gonna convert hundreds and hundreds files  ;) because, in spite of this drawback, GMB is a really good program.
Good night everybody, and enjoy music!

Just as an FYI, I was in the same situation when I started using GMB, and I converted 9000 songs ...  I am so glad that I did as it allowed so many more options to then clean up the music...

I used Sound Converter and will warn you, if you have overclocked your CPU, you definitely want to put it back to normal before converting...  :)  Regard that as a lesson learned from me!  ::)

Ok, thanks, i notice that !

Let's start for few days of converting... !

I don't recommend converting a lossy format to another format, but there is sadly no other solution currently.
Maybe you could keep your wma around, so you can use them instead of the converted files once gmb support this format.