First of all: I love gmusicbrowser.
But there is this problem:
I store all my music on an external NTFS drive;
I keep it NTFS because I use it to share files with friends who are all windows users.
After using gmb's "reorganize files" feature, I noticed some directories would not open under windows.
until now I haven't got this problem under Ubuntu. As far as I can tell (but I am not sure because I don't have windows at present so I had to remember which directories would not open), I can open all "corrupt" directories.
Any idea where this could come from?
My guess is that some character that is not illegal per se on NTFS, so used by gmusicbrowser when renaming the folder, is considered illegal by windows, or something of the sort.
I realize that this might be more a problem of the ntfs wrapper under ubuntu...But I'm asking all the same just in case.

Any suggestion about how to debug/correct the problem?

thanks for reporting this, I did a quick check, I found there is 2 illegal things that are currently not checked :
- ending a name with a dot "."
- length of the name, the maximum should be 255/256 it's not clear what the maximum is for the full path, there seem to be a limit of 260.

So you can check for this, I'll remove terminal dots and limit the length to 255 anyway.
If that's not it, you could send me the list of all the folders/filenames,  "find /mnt/MOUNTPOINT >list"  will output everything in a "list" file