Thanks in advance.
I absolutely love GMB.
I recently upgraded from 1.0.2 to 1.1.7.
Now, whenever I go to play a song, it automatically changes my genre. 
Please help.
Another version maybe?


The only thing I can think that could cause that is
1) if the file has been modified since gmb last seen it, it causes gmb (both 1.0.x and 1.1.x) to re-read the tags
=> 2) then due to some small changes in how v1.1.x read the genre of mp3 files, the genre(s) would change. In particular the id3v1 genre is now ignored if there is one or more id3v2 genre (v1.0.x would use both)

That or maybe if you installed the album_info plugin, IIRC it can change the genre based on the album's AllMusicGuide page

Can you give more details in how the genre is changed, what was the old one, what is the new one. And also run gmb from a terminal and see what it says.

...Guess the problem fixed itself.

Something went screwy between the database file and the version upgrade. Not sure how or why, but it's all good now. If you want I could go over everything that was going on here for future reference if this happens to anyone else, but this particular situation fixed itself. Thanks for the potential help!