This one is pretty flukey, so hopefully you'll be able to help. I gun Gmusicbrowser on my main, Ubuntu machine, and everything works fine. I also run it on my Pinephone, which runs Mobian, a Debian distro. It works fine here, too, except often times my album art doesn't load. It will load fine on my desktop and laptop, but I won't see anything on the phone.

When I go to edit the tags for a song with missing artwork, it'll say 'unknown' under embedded pictures. If I go to advanced, and down to picture, it'll just say 'error' where the thumbnail should be.

I have tried to isolate image size as the problem, the presence or absence of ID3v1 tags, or anything else I could possibly think of. I can't find any reason why these covers won't load. They're all jpg, and I'm running 1.99 on all devices.

Any thoughts how I might be able to get the album art loading on Mobian? I can give you more details if needed. Thanks.