There is one significant feature in GMB, which I really love: those fancy popup menus appearing in full screen, when I click on either the album art, the song title, the album title or the artist name - it is easily the best way I've ever tried to browse my collection of albums! Very impressive, thank you for that great feature :)

Now, on to my suggestion: can a similar thing be put in for the album year? Maybe with a pre-sorting on decades (1980's/1990's/2000's/2010's). I like some of my older albums, but I mostly play them on special occasions, while a lot of the new music I've got, is what I really want to hear and browse through.

just a thought - thanks for a great player!

I'll probably add something like this. Though I'm not sure exactly how it would be done.
I guess it depends a lot on the collection size, but for me I have more than 60 albums for some years, it is a bit much to put in one submenu.

2001 -> A-L -> list of albums
2002     M-Z

Even the list of years would easily reach 70 items for me, which is too much. Grouping by decades would mean ~500 albums for recent decades.

So in my case you would only reach an album in the second or maybe third submenu, not sure it would be very practical.