Is it possible to play .wav files in GMusicBrowser?  I added some wav files to a folder with some flac and mp3 files, but it does not see the wav files.  If it's possible, can anyone tell me how to get GMB to recognize the wav files?


It's not possible, and I don't plan to add support for them, mostly because they don't really support metadata. I think there are ways to add metadata but really there is not many reasons for using wav files instead of lossless formats like flac or ape that are supported by gmb.

Hi there,

[Well aware this thread is old, I'd like to revive it]

Recently I decided to move away from Windows, using a device with Debian OS now. I am both new to Debian and GMB :waves hands:

A friend pointed me towards GMusicBrowser as the best alternative to some of the default players none of them meeting my expectations.

Coming from Windows I was used to having full library support OS Foobar 2000 in all formats.
Yesterday I discovered that although GMB is a very nice program for audio playback usage, a lot (!) of my files in bitperfect .WAV format are not recognized. That's a huge bummer for an otherwise great application.

Downloaded WavPack however did not change that.

Apparently GMB has been sort of revived #awesome# and just what I need. So based on the 10 year old request back then, I would like to second that request again:

Could you please add .WAV support to GMB?

Thank you very much for your considerations

1. "bitperfect .WAV format"
I'd just like to point out that they will still be bit-perfect if you compress them to a lossless format like flac, there is really no reason to keep wav files, unless you are using them with software that doesn't support lossless formats.

2. WavPack has nothing to do with .wav files, they use .wv files, yes it's misleading

3. I recently (only in git version currently) added what I call partially-supported formats or read-only formats, so you will be able to add any format recognized by gstreamer or the mediainfo command, this include wav files, but any metadata you edit in those partially supported files will stay inside gmb.
But again, see 1.