July 29, 2010, 00:45:02 Last Edit: July 31, 2010, 20:10:10 by Satoshi
The idea in this one being extreme space saving in control and wide display of relevant information (big space for lyrics, album cover, songs).

It looks a bit weird, but I think it is good enough.

And, yeah, sorry about the name, really couldn't think of anything nicer. Ideas welcomed.


Default         = Window size=1280x800,sticky=0

VBall           = HBStatus _HPmain
HBStatus        = Sort Prev(size=menu) Stop(size=menu) Play(size=menu) Next(size=menu) _TimeBar(minwidth=500,text="%t by %a") LabelTime Length _Album(markup='<i><b> %l</b> (%y)</i>') -TogButton(label="Filter",widget=HBSearch,size=menu) Pref(size=menu) -Quit(size=menu)
HPmain          = _HPpart
HPpart          = VBpart2 NBpart3
VBpart2         = _VPcenter
NBpart3         = PluginLyrics(shadow=none,HideToolbar=1) QueueList(hideif=empty,songtree=1,cols="albumminipic titleaa length") PluginArtistinfo(tabtitle="Artist Info")
VPcenter        = _VBcenterdown
VBcenterdown    = _SongTree(grouping="artist|pic(myfont=Arial%20Italic%2018,picsize=20,showyear=)|album|pic(myfont=Arial%20Bold%2018,picsize=250,showyear=1)") HBSearch
HBSearch        = SimpleSearch -Total

The code includes the big cover and Songtree groupings, as seen here:

Thanks a lot!

I forgot to mention it uses ochosi's Artist Info plugin, but making one without it is very easy, if anyone is interested.

I realize it looks weird, but it is functional, I think (at least for me).

hehe, thanks for the credits.
i know it (still) looks a bit weird, but i'm still working on this and it's a dev-version for now. (that's why it's not activated in my layout by default.)

i'll hopefully find time to update the layout of the plugin soon. in the meantime feel free to propose alternatives...

just realised (or actually: was pointed to) that i misunderstood your posting.

btw, i don't think your layout looks weird (maybe that's also the reason i misunderstood it - or at least i like to think about it that way).

the artistinfo-plugin recently got a huge update, you can either fetch it from git or update from shimmer-ppa. (i'll post about the update eventually.)

Do you have a deviantART account? There you can imagine the layout better. http://www.deviantart.com/
There is also gmusicbrowser group.  http://gmusicbrowser.deviantart.com/