sometimes top window border place behind the tray (gnome panel, unity panel) and you can no more move it with the border top. In this case, you could use compiz feature: alt+  left clik mouse, to move the window. But I don't know why, it doesn't work with Gmusicbrowser window, it's a Gmusicbrowser bug or Python Gtk interface bug?

Thanks for your help.


It's strange, I don't see what gmb does that could interfere with it, the alt-click never reaches gmb, the only thing that can influence that are the window properties (window type, ignore-taskbar, ...) but the normal gmb windows shouldn't use anything special in for them. Are you talking about a "desktop-widget" window or anything special ?

I could reproduce the bug every time:

1) launch Gmusicbrowser (1.1.8 on Ubuntu Oneiric with Conz Glimm dirent controls layout)
2) alt+left click of the mouse to move gmb window, it works
3) hide the window (right click on the gmb tray icon, hide)
4) right click on the gmb tray icon, show gmb
5) alt+left click of the mouse to move gmb window, it doesn't move the window but act like a copy paste on the palylist or other gmb window component you are clicking on.

It's very annoying bug, could you reproduce it?

Thanks for your help Quentin.


I can no more reproduce this bug anymore, I thing an update correct it. Perrhaps it was a compiz or unity bug...

Whatever thanks for your attention.