Could someone help me re-make this layout?  This was my foobar2k layout back in my windows days.  When I selected one of the album artists, the album pane would show only their artist, and the search box would well... search. (in a very similar way to the way it does in gmb.) Shouldn't be too hard.


#1 November 15, 2011, 22:11:08 Last Edit: November 15, 2011, 22:15:35 by mgrubert
Try mine :
Or Garage6 in default layout (close to this) but less customisable.
In Parking layout : choose tab artist in first panel, mask others tab and mask tabs ; choose tab album in second, mask other tabs and mask tabs.
If this base is ok, I can tweak the layout to go more closer to your wishes.

I tweaked it a little, here's what it looks like atm:

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Do you want some help ?
For instance, you can change the two left panels to make them ajustable horizontaly, if you want.
And I can clear you code layout (lots of thing steel in you don't want - sidebar, etc.)
You can put Info/Queue/Playlist/Songtree in tab to go close to your foobar layout too.

Joined : a layout closer to your foobar layout

Note : you can change panel (artists/album/right pannel) Vsize with your mouse and add or remove tabs in right panel