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Customization / Conky and GMB
December 19, 2011, 13:19:54
Hello All....

Using the scripts of VastOne, I've created a conky displaying the infos from GMB.. putting together different scripts, I've managed to write the Artist/Album/Title on a circular it looks like this

the topleft arc is  showing the relative volume level of GMB and the inner circle the progress

you can get the archive (.zip) here

Have Fun and Enjoy GMB...
Customization / desktop widget and transparency
October 30, 2011, 10:18:05
hello all...

I'm trying to "skin" my desktop widgets so they look like my conkys

i've my the window transparent because my skins are semi-transparent but I have the following problem (see picture) the lyrics appear in a transparent box... How can I make the background of the lyrics have the skin as background (or just be white...)

Hello all...

... back to the forums for a small problem...
I've some desktop widgets on my screen and I recently decided to change the layout of my desktop (upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 oneiric and decided to place unity on the bottom of the screen) but I've found that I can't change the parameters of the widgets, they do not appear in the configuration window of the plugins

...I can add new desktop widgets but I can't remove them...or move them afterward...

I have GMB 1.1.8 installed

Customization / Songs with the same name
August 07, 2010, 21:07:36

I'd like to create a tab in my layout showing the songs in the library having the same name as the played song (to see the different versions or covers of a song in a songtree updated when song change)

Does anybody have any idea on how to do this??
Hi all,

I'm trying to make a usable layout for GMB

you'll find here my .layout file (to put in .config/gmusicbrowser/layouts)

the player is nearly finished and i still have to work on the browser

of course any comments or sugestions are welcome...
I know that this is a raw version and that i need to delete many things in the file...
...and finalize the default layout at start up

..but with the local customization, it will look like this (see image)

I'll edit this post with the latest version as the development goes on.

Thank you to you Quentin for providing us the best and most customizable player around
Customization / hidding tabs in FPane
June 06, 2010, 19:01:23
don't know if I have to put this in "customization" or in "questions" because it's directly related to the layout

Is there an option to force the FPane widget to hide the tabs to have this (see attachment) when opening GMB
Customization / NextAlbum Button
May 08, 2010, 10:27:54
I'de like to put a button to go to the next album (using the NextAlbum command)

Does anybody already have such a button in a layout?

Is it possible to post the code here?

Thank you in advance

This player is really astonishing and give a lot of new possibilities..
Customization / desktop layouts
May 07, 2010, 19:31:28
1st contribution for GMB : 2 D-type layouts

I use URW Chancery L Medium Italic 8 as font for the 1st and Sans Italic 8 for the second (wich is the minimal tip adapted to the desktop)

[Djax Desktop]
Type= D
Name= _"Djax Desktop"
Window = transparent=1
DefaultFontColor= white

HBCover    = Cover(forceratio=1,minsize=200,default=/home/jacques/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/nocover/nocover.png))
HBprogress    = _Scale 
HBbuttons    = Filler0 Prev(button=0) Stop(button=0) Play(button=0) Next(button=0) -Length -LabelTime
HBTitle      = Label3(markup=<b>%d-%n-</b>) _Title LabelsIcons
HBArtist   = _Artist
HBAlbum      = Label5(markup=<b>%y-</b>) _Album
HSize0      = 20 Filler0

VBText      = _HBCover HBprogress HBbuttons 2HBArtist 2HBAlbum 2HBTitle

[Djax Desktoptip]
Type= D
Window= borderwidth=0,transparent=1
DefaultFontColor= white
Name= _"Djax Desktoptip"
HBVol = Vol
HBmain   =  Prev(size=menu) Play(size=menu) Next(size=menu) Cover(forceratio=1,default=/home/jacques/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/nocover/nocover.png)) 2_TimeBar(text="%t-%a",minwidth=240,size=menu)  HBVol Quit
VolumeScroll   = HBVol

Questions / default cover
May 07, 2010, 19:22:37
is it possible to have an exemple of the use of a default cover for v1.1.5

i've tried with a nocover.png file located in a "nocover" folder located in .config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/ but i did not succeed...

PS : GMB is really the best musicplayer around....