Hi, I discovered gmusicbrowser (1.1.9) though Xubuntu (12.04) and I am impressed by its stability and versatility.

I am using the make it look like rythmbox layout. My issue is that when I do something in the artist list (left click on a artist name or when I search/type and the list is focused on a new artist) the artist clicked starts playing immediately.

Is there any way to configure this, so that it plays only when double clicking the artist or disable playing fro the artist list but playing when double clicking the song from the song list.


Hi, sorry for the late reply.

The "make it look" layouts are usually not recommended, because by trying to mimick other players, they often miss some features of other players and don't include features specific to gmb.

That being said, the behavior your describe can easily be fixed by editing the layout and changing "_SongList(mode=playlist)" into "_SongList" the file is in /usr/share/gmusicbrower/layouts/makeitlooklike.layout  you need root permissions to edit it (sudo) or you can create a copy of the layout, change its name (the part between []) and put it in a file in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/)