Okay, so I've tried reading the faq and downloaded these tar archives "mpg321" and "flac123" but honestly I haven't the slightest idea what to do with them.

I'm new to ubuntu so I don't really know how these things work. I tried extracting them to the "usr\share\gmusicbrowser\plugins" directory, but it says I don't have the privileges.

All help would be greatly appreciated. Please if you do decide to help me, use human language as if you were talking to a todler ;)


You don't need to download tar archives of mpg321/... you can just install them from ubuntu's software center, gmusicbrowser will find them if they are installed.

But anyway, how have you installed gmusicbrowser ? there is a version in ubuntu's software center that should be fine, it will install automatically most of what you need.

By default gmusicbrowser should use gstreamer to play music, you can check which music file formats are supported by going in preferences, click on the "audio" tab, and the gstreamer part of the dialog will tell you which formats are supported, if you need more formats, you'll have to install gstreamer plugins from ubuntu's software center.

In particular by searching for "mp3 gstreamer" in ubuntu's software center you will find "fluendo codecs to decode mp3" or "Gstreamer extra plugins" that will allow you to play mp3 files. (you may have to enable some software sources in the edit menu-->"software sources" for mp3 codecs because they are not considered 100% free-software due to patent issues)

Don't hesitate to ask for more details if you need.

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EDIT: as always I'm to hasty and skipped on reading the last three lines  :-[
Testing atm.

I currently run xubuntu 11.10, installed it yesterday. gmusicbrowser came with it and I tried the gstreamer and the other options in the audio tab of the settings. when I try gstreamer I always get this popup that says I'm missing some plugins. When i use the other mpg123-thingy the songs just skip at the very first moment i try to play them.

So I deinstalled it, and then as you said installed it through the software center, but it still won't work.

I run gmusicbrowser under Xubuntu 11.10 too, but I haven't problem.

Suggestion :
1) Install Synaptic through Ubuntu software center
2) Launch Synaptic and find gmusicbrowser
3) Right-clic on gmusicbrowser and add all suggested package
4) Apply changes

Close Synaptic, launch gmusicbrowser

hmm I'll try that, I don't really know what synaptic is but I guess I'll find out.

As for the first reply, I donwloaded the "extra gstreamer plugins" but it still wouldn't play =/

Okay, so I found the synaptic package manager, which seemed to already be installed. But now I searched for gmusicbrowser, but it didn't find it. I also ran down the whole list, but nothing.

Does it have another name in the synaptic manager?

What supported formats does it list in the gstreamer part of the audio tab preferences ? And what kind of files do you want to play ? (mp3, flac, ogg, m4a, wv, mpc, ape)

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supports: flac oga/ogg wv
EDIT: now also supports mp3 with gstreamer, since I reinstalled the extra gstreamer plugins.

I'm trying to play mp3, flac and m4a. (especially mp3)

Perhaps this screenshot might help.

Somehow mp3 started working, this fixes most of the problems. m4a and flacc, however, are still a no-go.

for m4a, I think you need to install "Gstreamer ffmpeg video plugin"
flac files should work, are you sure they don't ?

well well, this is REALLY strange. I tried once more and now it worked :o

Well, thanks a lot for the support!
Let's hope we won't meet again too soon ;)