I have a shortcut defined that calls a shell script and passes the parameter %f. But there are problems with special characters.

Here is the call for the shortcut:
gmb_call_picard "%f"

Here is the code for gmb_call_picard

#!/bin/bash -
zenity --info --text "$1"
picard "$(dirname "$1")"

And the zenity ouput:
/home/aboettger/Musik/-=C=-/Phil Collins/Serious Hitsâ?¦ Live! (2236b7ec-6e3e-4467-8aaf-377ff4699138)/1-02 - Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now).flac

And this is the correct file name:
/home/aboettger/Musik/-=C=-/Phil Collins/Serious Hits... Live! (2236b7ec-6e3e-4467-8aaf-377ff4699138)/1-02 - Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now).flac

I can't figure out what your post is. Is it a question? Is it a solution? I really can't see it ... looked at your post because i want to prelisten to a track in another audio player by calling eg. deadbeef and pass the current track via the export feature. Can you pls. shed some light?

Thanks for reporting this, the file names were auto-upgraded to utf8 by perl because the command string (for example 'gmb_call_picard "%f"') was utf8.
I've just committed a fix, let me know if there are still problems.

Thank you, it works since the release 1.1.12+1209.  ;D

The problem exists even in the plugin "Export".

quick and dirty patch

sub RunCommand
{ my $IDs=$_[0]{IDs} || $_[0]{filter}->filter;
my @cmd=split / /,$::Options{OPT.'tocmd_cmd'};
return unless @cmd;
for my $arg (@cmd) { ::_utf8_off($arg) if $arg=~m/^[\x00-\x7f]*$/; } # remove utf8 flag from arguments that don't need it to prevent autoupgrade to utf8  of potentially non-utf8 filenames when replacing %f with a filename
if (grep $_ eq '$files', @cmd)
{ my @files=map ::ReplaceFields($_,'%f'), @$IDs;
@cmd=map { $_ ne '$files' ?  $_ :  @files } @cmd;
{ my @todo;
for my $ID (@$IDs)
{ push @todo, [ map ::ReplaceFields($ID,$_), @cmd ];
my $ChildPID=fork;
if (!defined $ChildPID) { warn ::ErrorMessage("export plugin : fork failed : $!"); }
elsif ($ChildPID==0) #child
{ system @$_ for @todo;

I've committed a patch that fixes the non-utf8 problem in a better way than before, and move all the system command calling in a single function with the features needed by the export plugin.
Let me know if there is any bug with the new version.

I can't build the latest version:

msgmerge -s -U -N po/cs.po po/gmusicbrowser.pot
po/gmusicbrowser.pot:2560:56: invalid control sequence
msgmerge: found 1 fatal error
make: *** [po/cs.po] Error 1