I have a few things I would like to implement in Mosaic/Fullscreen mode.

  • I'm rather fond of the Shimmer Desktop Layout in Songtree Mode, but there's nothing better than looking at your entire collection of cover art.  Unfortunately Mosaic/Fullscreen mode have only limited sorting capabilities (i.e., artist, alphibetical (album), etc.).  I would like the capability to sort by anything (year, comment, etc.) while keeping the albums grouped of course. 
  • In particular, I would really like to sort by average song rating/album rating.  I know this quantity is calculated; as I can display it in Songtree mode; I want to use it for sorting purposes.  I made this a separate point since I can't currently sort by average rating in any mode (to my knowlege).
  • One redeeming feature of Rhythmbox is the third party "CoverArt Browser" plugin. It's very similar to the Mosaic mode with a few small differences: first, clicking on an album brings up the songlist for that album.  I can then play specific songs, edit ratings, etc.  The second (minor) difference is that the plugin creates a dropshadow behind each album, making the interface look slightly better. It would be great if I could implement these features in gmusicbrowser as well. 
I should note that "CoverArt Browser" also lets you sort by album rating, album, and artist, but that's it.