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Suggestions / 'Distributed random' shuffle
March 20, 2017, 14:04:16
Here's an idea that I got when playing with the 'weighted random' feature: Would it be possible to shuffle a playlist in a distributed way? Meaning, it would try to play every artist once before it played any artist again. So let's say you had a bunch of artists with one song each, and one artist with 8 songs. The playlist would try to play 8 different artists before it played the one with 8 songs, so the recurrence would be distributed across the playlist.

The idea is that you're always getting variety, like on the radio where they (hopefully) wouldn't play the same artist twice in a row, or twice within a 20 minute period, et cetera.
Before using gmusicbrowser, I was using Clementine, which uses SQLite. I wrote a few queries that would help me create playlists based on length and number of tracks. This way, I can have a playlist of all albums with 10 or more songs on them, 'EPs' (5-7 tracks), 'Singles' (1-2 tracks), and I also have lists of albums that are over an hour, under 45 minutes, et cetera.

When clementine scans your library, it keeps the track lengths in the db. I assume gmusicbrowser does as well, because it can quickly calculate the total runtime. What do you think about adding 'album length' and 'tracks per album' as filter criteria?

I know sometimes the track number field is written as 4/12, where '12' is the total number of tracks. If this were in use, it would also be possible to filter complete vs. incomplete albums. I'm sure we all have collections where we only like, and keep a few tracks of an album, but have other albums that are complete from start to finish.
I'm sure we all have some songs in our collections that appear on an LP, but then it's also the B-side to a single, or it's on a compilation, or a soundtrack. Sometimes, you might want to listen to it in the context of the LP, and sometimes the soundtrack.

You could have multiple copies of the song in your library, but if the recording is identical, why not sort one track into multiple albums? Is there any way to make this work in Gmusicbrowser, the way you can select multiple genres?