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Suggestions / Re: (Option to) Remove obsolete path
September 14, 2015, 15:17:18
No opinions?
Just a thought:

When I use the "folder" tab from filter pane I have to expand quite many folders before I get to the "important" ones. Example:

Music is in: /run/media/user/ExternalStorage/Music and /home/user/Music

so I have to expand 5 (3) folders before I get to the first folder containing music! What about hiding all folders before the ones containing actual files?

Regards, staubi
Thanks for the gmbrc hint!

What do you think is strange? That musician make music "against" each other? I agree, still sometimes the result can be rather good ;)

I just noticed that I have a couple of songs with artist tag "Artist A VS ARTIST B".

Think it might be handy to add it to the list of separators ;)

Questions / Re: gstreamer 1.0 not used
April 28, 2015, 16:06:39
That was fast ;)

I installed "perl-glib-object-introspection" but even though I couldn't find any "gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0" and "Gst-1.0.typelib" package it's working now! Btw I use Arch.

Thanks for Your help!
Questions / [solved] gstreamer 1.0 not used
April 27, 2015, 14:17:27
Since the latest update gmb is supposed to use gstreamer 1.0 but it seems it still uses gstreamer 0.10, without the option to change this...  (see screenshot)

I have glib2, glib-perl and perl-gstreamer installed.

Any ideas?
Falls Du das noch liest:

Hört sich interessant an, kannst Du es mal hier verlinken?

Nice! I'll give it a try...
Suggestions / Re: Show tray tip before song change
September 30, 2014, 17:49:14
I know the thread is rather old, but:

I also like the idea to add an option for this!

Sometimes shuffle jumps to a song I don't want to hear, and with a traytip before the song change would give me time to skip the song...

About the concern of having another option in the long list: I think that's a feature of gmb having options for nearly everything!

Regards, staubi
I don't get the meaning of this script ;-)

And by the way, the link is broken, needs to be:
OK, here are the screenshots. Strange enough the propertie dialog says the song has a default rating of 50, but even if I save the properties it remains on 0%.
Probably I ought to mention that I use the epic-rating addon. So if I listen 5 times to a new song it gets a rating of 25% (adds 5% everytime a song is played completely).
Quote from: Quentin Sculo on May 10, 2014, 21:22:37
Can you provide more details, like does it play with no sound, or display an error message ...
It just looks like it plays normally. No error message, also nothing in terminal, if I start it there...
Quote from: Quentin Sculo
Also what audio options are you using (in the audio tab of the preferences dialog) ?
I use gstreamer with automatic output. I just tried changing ithe output to alsa or pulseaudio (and restarting gmb) with no effect...
Also I had checked the "Ignore errors"-box, but it also didn't change anything unchecking it!

Quote from: Quentin Sculo
If you use pulseaudio, you can launch pavucontrol and see if gmusicbrowser is listed in the apps playing.

...and this solved it!!! pavucontrol showed gmb playing and in the bottom I could see the sound level moving, but the volume for gmb was set to about 5% !?!
After adjusting it works now! I just don't get what happened! Pavucontrol was not installed before and this behaviour just came one day...

Anyway: Thanks for Your help Quentin!
I just discovered a really annoying thing:

When I skip a song gmb doesn't play any more songs until I restart it! I can still play sounds with other programs though....

I use gstreamer (0.10.36-4) for playback!

I don't skip songs that often since I usually create playlists with what I want to hear, but still...

Any ideas?
Hi, I realized a while ago that newly added music has a default rating of 0% even though in settings the default rating is set to 50%.

What I do right now is to manually set it after having added new tracks, but that's somehow annoying.

Any idea on what might be the problem?
Quote from: Quentin Sculo on April 10, 2014, 06:06:27... this feature is very hard to find currently :(
So hard that I can't even find it now as You described how to find it! I mark several albums (without set artwork) and rightclick on them... nothing?

Maybe it depends on the layout once more? I use a fork of shimmer...