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Just a thought:

When I use the "folder" tab from filter pane I have to expand quite many folders before I get to the "important" ones. Example:

Music is in: /run/media/user/ExternalStorage/Music and /home/user/Music

so I have to expand 5 (3) folders before I get to the first folder containing music! What about hiding all folders before the ones containing actual files?

Regards, staubi

I just noticed that I have a couple of songs with artist tag "Artist A VS ARTIST B".

Think it might be handy to add it to the list of separators ;)

Questions / [solved] gstreamer 1.0 not used
April 27, 2015, 14:17:27
Since the latest update gmb is supposed to use gstreamer 1.0 but it seems it still uses gstreamer 0.10, without the option to change this...  (see screenshot)

I have glib2, glib-perl and perl-gstreamer installed.

Any ideas?
I just discovered a really annoying thing:

When I skip a song gmb doesn't play any more songs until I restart it! I can still play sounds with other programs though....

I use gstreamer (0.10.36-4) for playback!

I don't skip songs that often since I usually create playlists with what I want to hear, but still...

Any ideas?
Hi, I realized a while ago that newly added music has a default rating of 0% even though in settings the default rating is set to 50%.

What I do right now is to manually set it after having added new tracks, but that's somehow annoying.

Any idea on what might be the problem?
I tried to make my own layouta and started by modifying the shimmer layout. First everything worked well, but then suddenly (I don't know what changed exactly before it started) the button in the bottom (to select the behaviour of the queue, like "wait for more", "stop when empty", "auto-fill", etc.) disappeared.

Here's a picture of the buttons I'm talking about:

(it's in german but I just offers the options listed above ;)

...and here is the code from my layout:
[My Layout]
Title = "gmusicbrowser"
DefaultFocus = SimpleSearch
Default = Window(size=1920x1200)
Window = hidden=VPSongPlaylist|FilterPane2
Author = [email protected]
### main window containers: top bar, main and statusbar ###
VBMain = HBTop _HPMain
HPMain = VBLeft _VBRight
HBTop = ABButtons _15VBPlayer 10ABToggle -5ABSettings
### top bar from left to right ###
ABButtons = (yalign=0,yscale=0.0) HBButtons
HBButtons = Prev Play Next(click2=NextAlbum)
VBPlayer = 1Filler0 HBTitle HBTimeSlider
HBTitle = Title(expand_max=500,markup="<big><b>%t</b></big> ",tip=_"Title: %t (Track No. %n)",yalign=0.5,ellipsize=end) LockAlbum(stock="on:gmb-lock gmb-lockopen off:gmb-breadcrumb gmb-locklight") Album(tip=_"Album: %l (%Y)",expand_max=200,yalign=0.5,markup="<big> </big>%l ",showcover=0,ellipsize=end) LockArtist(stock="on:gmb-lock gmb-lockopen off:gmb-breadcrumb gmb-locklight") Artist(tip=_"Artist: %a",expand_max=300,yalign=0.5,markup="<big> </big>%a",ellipsize=end) -Stars(yalign=0.5)
HBTimeSlider = PlayingTime(markup="%s",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=0) _TimeSlider(direct_mode=1) -Length(markup="$length",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=1)
ABToggle = (yalign=0,yscale=0.0) HBToggle
HBToggle = ToggleButton0(relief=none,size=large-toolbar,icon=gmb-view-list,widget=VPSongPlaylist,togglegroup=1,tip=_"Simple List View") ToggleButton1(relief=none,size=large-toolbar,icon=gmb-view-tree,widget=SongTree,togglegroup=1,tip=_"Songtree View") ToggleButton2(relief=none,size=large-toolbar,icon=gmb-view-mosaic,widget=FilterPane2,togglegroup=1,tip=_"Mosaic View") Fullscreen(stock=gmb-view-fullscreen,size=large-toolbar,tip="Fullscreen View") 10Filler2 ABSearchBox
ABSearchBox = (yalign=0) SimpleSearch(suggest=1,nb=0)
ABSettings = (yalign=0,yscale=0.0) HBSettings
HBSettings = ExtraButtons(size=large-toolbar) BMSettings
BMSettings = (icon=gtk-preferences,size="large-toolbar") SMLibrary LayoutItem PlayItem SeparatorMenuItem01 MenuItem34(click1=OpenCustom(Equalizer),label=_"Equalizer",icon=gmb-equalizer) SeparatorMenuItem20 MenuItem14(command=OpenPref,label=_"Settings",icon="gtk-preferences") MenuItem05(command=Quit,label=_"Quit",icon="gtk-quit")
SMLibrary = (label=_"Library") MenuItem00(command="RunPerlCode(::ChooseAddPath(0,1))",label=_"Add Music",icon="gtk-add") MenuItem32(command="RunPerlCode(::IdleScan)",label=_"Rescan Collection",icon="gtk-refresh")
### main left: artist pane and album-cover ###
VBLeft = _VBListCover HBStatus
#VBListCover = _NBList Cover(overlay=6x6:350x350:elementary/overlay.png,default=elementary/no-cover.svg,showcover=0) # uncomment this line to add overlay shadow
VBListCover = _NBList 1Cover(default=elementary/no-cover.svg,showcover=0)
NBList = (tabpos="bottom")FilterPane1(tabtitle="Filter",nb=1,showbb=1) QueueList(songtree=1,tabtitle=_"Warteliste (%n)",tabicon="",cols="queuenumber titleaa",colwidth="queuenumber 20 titleaa 248",showbb=1,hscrollbar=0) HBLyrics VBAlbuminfo VBArtistinfo
HBLyrics = (tabtitle="Liedtext") _PluginLyrics
VBArtistinfo = (tabtitle="Interpret") _PluginArtistinfo
VBAlbuminfo = (tabtitle="Album") _PluginAlbuminfo
HBStatus = 3Total(format=short,relief=none,button=1,mode=library) -2Sort(button=1,tip=_"Right-click to toggle shuffle/random") -2Filter(button=1,tip=_"Right-click to remove filters") -2ToggleButton3(icon=gmb-picture,relief=none,size=menu,widget=Cover,tip=_"Show/Hide Cover")
### main right: list/tree/mosaic widgets ###
VBRight = _HBSongListtree Progress
HBSongListtree = _SongTree(activate=playlist, cols="playandqueueandtrack title length ratingpic",colwidth="artist 124 lastplay 107 length 49 playandqueue 19 playandqueueandtrack 20 playcount 22 ratingpic 100 title 390 titleaa 397 track 21",grouping="album|artistalbum_breadcrumbs(picsize=100)|disc|discleft(width=15)",follow=1,sort="year album disc track") _VPSongPlaylist _FilterPane2(nb=3,hidebb=1,pages=album,page_album/mode=mosaic,page_album/mmarkup=1,page_album/mpicsize=96,hidetabs=1)
VPSongPlaylist = HBFilters _HBSonglist
HBFilters = _FilterPane3(nb=1,hidebb=1,page=genre,hidetabs=1) _FilterPane10(nb=2,hidebb=1,page=artists,page_artists/lmarkup="<b>%a</b>%Y\n<small>%x « %s</small>",hidetabs=1) _FilterPane5(nb=3,hidebb=1,page=album,page_album/lpicsize=32,page_album/lmarkup="<b>%a</b>%Y\n<small>%s « %l</small>",hidetabs=1)
HBSonglist = _SongList(cols="playandqueueandtrack title artist album year length playcount",sort=artist,colwidth="album 200 artist 200 file 400 lastplay 100 length 41 path 413 playandqueueandtrack 24 playcount 96 rating 80 title 270 track 21 year 31",follow=1,sort="year album disc track")
#VBMosaic = FRToggleMosaic _VPMosaicAlbum _VPMosaicArtist
#FRToggleMosaic = (shadow=in) HBToggleMosaicClose
#HBToggleMosaicClose = ABToggleMosaic -ToggleButton6(widget=FRToggleMosaic,label="",icon="gtk-close",tip=_"Hide Artist/Album bar")
#ABToggleMosaic = (xalign=0.5,xscale=0.0) HBToggleMosaic
#HBToggleMosaic = 3ToggleButton4(widget=VPMosaicAlbum,togglegroup=2,label=" Album ",relief=none) 3ToggleButton5(widget=VPMosaicArtist,togglegroup=2,label=" Artist ",relief=none)
#VPMosaicAlbum = _FilterPane2(nb=3,hidebb=1,pages=album,page_album/mode=mosaic,page_album/mmarkup=1,page_album/mpicsize=96,hidetabs=1)
#VPMosaicArtist = _FilterPane3(nb=3,hidebb=1,pages=artist,page_artist/mode=mosaic,page_artist/mmarkup=1,page_artist/mpicsize=96,hidetabs=1)
### bottom: statusbar ### Pref(size=small-toolbar,button=0)
### positioning and sizing ###
DefaultFocus = SimpleSearch
KeyBindings = c-l SetFocusOn(SimpleSearch)

# Trayicon-Layouts

[Shimmer Traytip]
VBMain = HBTime Filler0 VBMain1
VBMain1 = HBLeft _HBRight
HBLeft = Cover(forceratio=1,default=elementary/no-cover.svg,maxsize=80) _VBText
VBText = 2HBArtist HBAlbum _2HBTitle
HBButtons = Prev(size=small-toolbar) Play(size=small-toolbar) Next(size=small-toolbar)
HBTitle = LockSong _Title(font=12,tip=_"Title: %t",ellipsize=end)
HBArtist = LockArtist _Artist(font=8,tip=_"Artist: %a",ellipsize=end)
HBAlbum = LockAlbum _Album(font=8,tip=_"Album: %l",ellipsize=end,expand_max=100) Date(font=7,markup=" <b>»</b> %y")
HBRating = Filler1  -Stars
HBTime = _TimeBar(minheight=7)
HBRight = HBButtons _2HBRating
VSize0 = 3 Filler0
HSize0 = Filler1 LockArtist LockAlbum LockSong
HSize1 = Cover HBButtons
HSize3 = 250 VBMain
VSize1 = 125 VBMain

# Groups and Columns for Songtree

{Group discleft}
title=disc on the left side
title: text(markup='<b><big>'.pesc($title).'</big></b>'.if(!$_expanded,'<big><b>»</b></big>'),pad=2,w=left))
width: OptionNumber(default=15,min=10,max=100,step=1)
line: line(x1=1,y1=1,x2=$_w,y2=1,color='#ccc',width=1)

{Group artistalbum_breadcrumbs}
title=album and artist breadcrumbs
title: text(markup='<b><big>'.pesc($album).'</big></b>'. if($year,'  <big><b>«</b></big>  '.pesc($year)) . '  <big><b>«</b></big>  '.pesc($artist),pad=2)
pic: +aapic(y=title:h+title:y,picsize=picsize,ypad=2,xpad=1,aa='album')
picsize : OptionNumber(default=100,min=20,max=1000,step=10)
picstars : picture(file=ratingpic($rating_avrg),x=(picsize/2)-(picstars:w/2),y=pic:y+pic:h,hide=$rating_avrg==50 || picsize < 80)

{Group Compact}
title: text(markup='<b><big>'.pesc($album).'</big></b>'. if($year,'\n'.pesc($year)) . '\n'.pesc($artist),pad=2,x=pic:w)
pic: aapic(y=title:y,picsize=picsize,ypad=2,xpad=1,aa='album')
picsize : OptionNumber(default=50,min=20,max=1000,step=10)

{Column queuenumber}
menutitle = Queue-Item Number
title = #
width = 20
text: text(markup=$_row+1, x=-text:w)

{Column playandqueueandtrack}
menutitle = Playing/Queue Icon or Track
title = #
width = 20
sort = track
ico: icon(pad=2,icon=$playicon, hide= !$playing && !$queued)
text: text(markup=pesc($track.' '.$queued), hide= $playing || $queued)

{Column playandqueueandtracktext}
menutitle = Playing/Queue indicator or Track (text)
title = #
width = 20
sort = track
text: text(markup=if($playing,'?',$queued,'<b>Q</b>',$track.' '.$queued))

I think the relevant part should be:
QueueList(songtree=1,tabtitle=_"Warteliste (%n)",tabicon="",cols="queuenumber titleaa",colwidth="queuenumber 20 titleaa 248",showbb=1,hscrollbar=0)

the title sounds maybe confusing, but to make it more clear I attached a screenshot:

What I look for is a way to prevent gmb from jumping to completely different music when finishing a track. So if I choose for example a genre (number 1) and the last track from the upper album is played, sometimes it can be quite a hard transition when the next track hasn't anything to do with the songs played before. In the case in the screenshot the next song after "Hindsight" won't be Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, but something starting with "AN" since "Hindsight" is from a band called "Anathema"

So, instead of making filters by hand, is there a possibility to make the main song list (number 3 on the picture) the actual filter?
After working flawlessly I noticed that I don't get any infos about the artists anymore. Also clicking on the refresh button shows only: "No Results"!

Here is the commandline output I get:

Use of uninitialized value $lfm_artist in string ne at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 521.
Use of uninitialized value $lfm_artist in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 521.
Use of uninitialized value $2 in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 523.
Use of uninitialized value $_ in substitution (s///) at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 530.
Use of uninitialized value $_ in substitution (s///) at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 531.
Use of uninitialized value $_ in substitution (s///) at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 532.
Use of uninitialized value $data in string eq at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 534.

Any ideas? Did change their API?
Suggestions / Local events Plugin possible?
October 24, 2012, 16:34:01

I just noticed today that I seldomly visit the page, but they show a list of possibly interesting concerts in my surroundings (

So my question:

Would someone like to make a plugin (or an addition to the existing plugin), to show these events in a tab or somehow to easily find out if there are any nice concerts in the near future?

Greetings, staubi

after moving to latest version (1.1.9) once again a very useful tab inside shimmer-Layout got lost:

Amidst playlist-, queue- and artistinfotab there was kind of a "universal" tab, which started as an artist tab (where one could scroll through the artists), but with the possibility to extend it with further subtabs, like "date added" or genre in cloud mode...

Since it dissappeared already several times, I'd like a way to restore it, without erasing the configuration folder!

Greetz, staubi
Suggestions / Change rating according to popularity
February 21, 2010, 20:13:43
Hi Quentin, just had the idea in mind for quite a while, but I think an adjustment of the rating like ex.
every time a song is heard: +1
every time it's skipped -1

Cause I think most of us don't spent the time to manually rate a couple of thousand songs, do we?

Greetings, staubi
I'm about to update the german translations of gmusicbrowser (1.1.4) so anyone using this version (and understanding the german language) is very welcome to try the attached translation and make suggestions for untranslated terms or better solutions for already translated words ;)

To use the attached file:put either in /usr/share/locale/$LANGUAGE/LC_MESSAGES for installed version
    or in locale/$LANGUAGE/LC_MESSAGES/ for non-installed version

There's a couple of thinks I can't find in the program, which are not clear to me without context:
125: Auto-increment track numbers
144: Can't create sink '{sink}' #what's the sink??
562: Reference point : #where is it?
815: argument {n} :
891: half-life
998: only show entries with at least n songs #maybe a '%' missing in front of n? Can't find it..
1076: use standard strftime variables
1095 & 1096 x/y offset

So that's it for the moment!
Greetings staubi