I'm using GMB to play music store on a NFS server, it works fine except few seconds pauses while playing always in the first seconds of a new song.
I am using a WiFi connection so the transfer is bandwidth limited and I'm almost sure this is the problem. I can see a first bust of network activity at each song beginning (where the player stops while filling its buffer) followed by 2 or 3 other peaks (where the buffer empty again sometime). After that the network activity is lower or even null (whole song download)
Is there a tweak in GMB (buffer size, other ...) to optimize this ?



First, what are you using, gstreamer or mplayer (look in the preferences' audio tab). And does it behave differently when using the other one.
Also, can you check the option "check real length of mp3" in the library tab, if it is set to "when current song", test when set to "never", or test with an non-mp3 (the length-check should be happen at most once by mp3 file, but when if happens, it needs to read the whole file)

I'm using gstreamer with jack, I will try with mplayer (without jack).
I have made more test and it is really a limitation due to the speed of my WiFi connection (I only have around 3Mbps truly available) ... It works fine with oggs or mp3s, I only have problems with flacs.