I don't really know whether it's a bug or a feature but I observed following behavior: If I zap through the songs without playing them a click on the "Back" button brings me to the last song played, not to the last song selected. Is there a way to change this behavior such that the "Back" button navigates to the last song selected independently of whether the songs are playing or not?


It's a feature, I've made that choice long ago when I started developing gmb. But thinking about it, I should make it an option, and maybe make it the default.

Don't know about what should be the default behavior, but an option to change it would be great. :)

I would be against making that behavior default, although I do agree that making such behavior available is a good choice.

Even if you do make it default, it's not really a big deal, as long as it's possible to easily change back to how things are right now.