Ok, I know I'm not crazy.. I had "before I formatted to head to 64 bit" gmusicbrowser set up so that when I would click on the name of the artist playing or album playing, I would get the pictures along with the text.. It's not doing it now. I don't know what I did that I havn't done this time around. Along is a picture of what i'm talking about.. there would've been pictures of the artists, as well as pictures of the albums by that artists.. I have nothing but text.. anyone have any idea here?

Never really picked a layout.. usually just used default as far as I knew.. if there is a layout though that resembles default and does this, I may have used it, but I don't ever really remember having to pick a layout

I think it's caused by the gnome preference that decide if there should be icons in menu, it is often off by default nowadays I think (something I don't like)
The preference can be edited in /desktop/gnome/interface/menus_have_icons via the gnome configuration editor.
I should probably override this for these menu, I'll take a look.

well, I just (last night) reinstalled ubuntu again cause of a screenlets issue, and didn't feel like knocking around with it too much.. I'm about to reinstall gmusicbrowser.. one thing I've noticed which has nothing to do with this, but I have to install an old version and then make install the new one over that or else gstreamer doesn't work for some reason.. maybe I'm handling it wrong.. but I'm about to add the ppa and install 1.1.6 and I'll try editing the configuration.. thanks for helping btw :)

I fixed it in git, though it requires recent perl bindings that are not yet widespread (won't be in natty).
Anyway, enabling /desktop/gnome/interface/menus_have_icons is probably a good idea.

QuoteI have to install an old version and then make install the new one over that or else gstreamer doesn't work for some reason..
it's because the libgstreamer-perl package (and maybe a few others) is installed when you install the deb from the old version, but not when you "make install", the ppa should install these packages too.

Thanks to you. I got my pictures back.. For some reason, they're not as big as before, but that's ok. I just like having them back.. I always wondered what was up with that.. it used to be sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't.. now I've noticed alot of my menus have icons.. either way, thanks to you I got it working again like I like it.. BTW, Thanks for making GMB.. I have very little money or else I'd donate, but what I can do is recommend this player to my friends who use ubuntu which are many, and some already use GMB cause of me.. just wanted to say my two cents..  ;D

ok, I'm very happy to see my pictures back, and I feel like a stickler for asking this. but now for some reason, when I click on the album picture where it shows the list of songs and the album art there, all I get is the list of songs.. it doesn't show the album art there.. I know it seems petty, but I'm just asking for any help on what I may have done wrong.. it was there before.. no idea what happened! I installed through ppa 1.1.6 .. and it was working, and boom.. stopped doing it.. any help would be GREATLY appreciated.. I know I seem like a stickler.. But I had it perfect last time, and I hated formatting, but I had to upgrade memory and went from 32 to 64, so it would read it correctly.. and now I'm just reassembling my software, and am having some issues getting it back to the way I had it.. :( once again, any help would be greatly appreciated..

I have it back now.. What I did was uninstall GMB, remove the PPA, download the tar.gz of GMB 1.1.6 and make install that.. I have the old icon of the camel rather than the new one, and it has the album art next to the songs like before.. IDK why the PPA one didn't do it.. am I alone in that or was that feature removed?

Yes it is one of the small changes in ochosi's ppa, compared to my version. In his version the songs-from-album menu doesn't show the art. I'll probably add an option so that he can make it so in his layout with having to change the code.

About the size of the pictures in the album/artist menus, it currently depends on the number of entries in the submenu, I don't like that so much anymore, I may change that at some point.