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Hi all. Long time no post. Been off linux for a few years (due to games etc...) but now returning.

One large hurdle for me is a musicplayer layout which is useful to me. Nothing comes as close as GmusicBrowser, and that's still pretty far from what i'm very comfortable with in MusicBee, as seen here:

I'm looking to get a layout as close as possible to that, if not exactly.
I know i could run MB via wine, but that seems to defeat the point of switching back to linux. Why bother if i'm just going to run apps through wine?

Help appreciated. It's odd, i know, but this is the last major hurdle to a return to linux for me.
Questions / Can't import .m3u playlist
March 09, 2014, 14:11:26
Ahoy all. Long time. Just switched back to Linux full time.

Much as the title say: I can't import a .m3u playlist in to GMB. Have tried RC on saved list > select file. Nothing imports.
I've got 2 versions of my playlists: One with original windows path formatting, and the other with Linux path formatting. Neither will import.

Is there any way i can fix this? I'd rather not manually input about 1000 ratings.
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a quick way to change the attached album art in all selected music/whole library to 'front cover'?
Almost all my music has album art attached, but it would seem a large number of files have that cover art either set to 'back cover' or a setting other than 'front cover'.

I'm hoping there's an easy way to fix this as the mass tag editor doesn't seem to offer a solution that i can see.

Any help appreciated.
Hi all.

Slight problem:
None of my previously functional filters and playlists work.
No idea why.

I ran a backtrace for those that know about this sort of thing.

$ gmusicbrowser -backtrace
GStreamer::Interfaces perl module not found -> visuals not available
at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 74
Play_GST::BEGIN() called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 80
eval {...} called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 80
require called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1241
eval {...} called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1241
Reading saved tags in /home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc ...
at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1866
main::ReadSavedTags() called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1246
Reading saved tags in /home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc ... done
at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1955
main::ReadSavedTags() called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1246
These commands were not found : mpg123, flac123, mpg321
at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 68
Play_123::init('Play_123') called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1253
=> these file types won't be played by the 123 output : mp3
at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 69
Play_123::init('Play_123') called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1253
Ignoring layout 'Playlist, Library & Context (custom 2)' because it is based on unknown layout 'Playlist, Library & Context'
at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 793
Layout::ParseLayout('ARRAY(0xa43f098)', '/home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/') called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 778
Layout::ReadLayoutFile('/home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/Playlist, Library & ...') called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 741
Layout::InitLayouts() called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1284
Use of uninitialized value $s in string eq at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 4582.
at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 4582
Skin::_resize('Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf=HASH(0x971b938)', '', 392, 24) called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 1917
Layout::Window::resize_skin_cb('Layout::Window=HASH(0xc9b46c8)', 'Gtk2::Gdk::Rectangle=SCALAR(0xc542120)') called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 1702
eval {...} called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 1702
Layout::Window::init('Layout::Window=HASH(0xc9b46c8)') called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 1669
Layout::Window::new('Layout::Window', 'D_Panel', 'w', 1, 'below', '', 'x', 83, 'y', ...) called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 207
GMB::Plugin::DesktopWidgets::CreateWindow('DesktopWidget000') called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/ line 26
GMB::Plugin::DesktopWidgets::__ANON__() called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1299
eval {...} called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1299
Writing tags in /home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc ...
at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1981
main::SaveTags() called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1444
main::Quit called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 2915
Layout::Button::clicked_cb('Layout::Button=HASH(0xb8e9340)') called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1299
eval {...} called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1299
Writing tags in /home/USERNAME/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc ... done
at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 2068
main::SaveTags() called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1444
main::Quit called at /usr/bin/../share/gmusicbrowser/ line 2915
Layout::Button::clicked_cb('Layout::Button=HASH(0xb8e9340)') called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1299
eval {...} called at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 1299

Hi all,

Earlier today, GMB began refusing to start with my existing config settings (.config/gmusicbrowser) - It starts just fine with a new profile.

Terminal outputs the following error:

$ gmusicbrowser
print() on closed filehandle $fifofh at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 291.
GStreamer::Interfaces perl module not found -> visuals not available
Reading saved tags in /home/USER/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc ...
Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser line 611.

If anyone knows what i need to do to rescue my profile (and the almost 1000 faved tracks etc) i'd really appreciate it.

Linux mint 11 x86 pae
shimmer ppa
GMB v1.1.8
Hi all.

Just upgraded to 1.1.8 (using the shimmer ppa), and my custom layout isn't available, yet the desktop widget layout works fine.
As before, my custom layout is stored in .config/gmusicbrowser/layouts/nameoflayout.layout

I suspect that it's not showing as it's based on another layout, code below:

[Playlist, Library & Context (custom 2)] based on Playlist, Library & Context
HPfp1 = _FilterPane3(hidebb=1,group=1,nb=1) _FilterPane0(nb=1,hidebb=1)
HPfp2 = _FilterPane1(nb=2,hidebb=1) _FilterPane2(nb=3,hidebb=1)
HPfp0 = _HPfp1 _HPfp2
HPBottom = VBLeft _VPRight
TBRight =

Does anyone have the layout; 'Playlist, Library & Context'? I imagine just placing this is my layouts folder will solve this issue.
As the title says; Just tried to use this feature to adjust the replaygain of an album and GMB crashes instantly.

Any ideas?

Using GMB / Shimmer PPA on Linux Mint 11 x86
Hi all,

Over the last month or so, i've been struggling with the change of filter conditions to:

Genres>Isn't set / Is set.

Whichever i choose, the filter doesn't seem to work right.
I'd like to once again be able to set up a filtered list which doesn't contain certain genres, or only contains certain genres (along with other conditions).

Can anyone advise on this? It's totally thrown me off, and i'm very confused about the whole thing. I have to wonder what was ever wrong with 'Genre isn't' or 'genre is' as they're both very clear in intended function.

Note: I'm using the shimmer PPA version, so please do let me know if my issue isn't related to the default GMB version.
Questions / Easy way to duplicate a filter?
July 03, 2011, 01:52:03
Hi all.

Just wanted to see if there was a simple way to duplicate a filter from within GMB.

Currently, to duplicate I need to open the file: user/home/.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc, then locate the filter, re-paste it and re-name it. Then re-open GMB and alter the filter as required.

Is there a simpler way to do this? Or perhaps we could get a right-click option in a future build?
Questions / GMB inventing genres
April 29, 2011, 23:04:56
I'm sure i posted about this some time ago, but i can't seem to find the topic.
Oh well.

Anyway, just finished a full, clean install (hooray for data-loss) and GMB is picking up genres it shouldn't be.
I use a standardised set of about 80-90 genres and all the tags on my collection are very clean yet GMB is listing genres such as '(17)' - Looking at the track properties, it's listed there as '17, <whatever the other genre is>' and '<*>' should be the only genre.

Have i configured something wrong / is there a fix?
Yeah, me again. Asking for help with a layout.
This time it's meant to sit on top of the gnome panel:

(as a modification to the above, the font should be Ubuntu 8pt)

Maybe aboettger would be kind enough to help me on this one?

[source BG png attached to post]
Icons used in image are from the very excellent Faenza icon set.
Hi all.

If anyone is feeling helpful, i'd really appreciate it if someone could whip this up into a working widget layout for me, please?

The BG image can be found here, or attached to this post.
Today's update removed the option for me to select a custom layout, saved in /home/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts

The option to have GMB look like other players is great and all that, but i'd really prefer to have my custom layout back, please.
So, i tend to listed to music via filters, and one particular filter most of the time.
I always use the shuffle option to mix things up, but i get the exact same track order every time.

Is there a work around for this other than shuffling, then scrolling to a different part of the playlist to avoid hearing the same tracks in the same order every time?

If not; Can we perhaps have a true 'shuffle' option in a future build?
I'm using the widget layout; 'Insensitive, Song & Cover' and i notice that it has a limited width, and forces bold text:

(Red lines added by me to illustrate boundaries)

I've looked through the layout data as best i can, but can't identify/find any part that deals with the width limit, or the text formatting. Well, at least anything *I* can understand.

I already have the text set up via the preferences as so:

If anyone could point me to the correct lines of code, or otherwise instruct me on how to set a much wider limit (say, 800pix) and non-bold, i'd really appreciate it.
Customization / Desktop widget layouts
February 10, 2011, 04:32:44
Having finally got sick of Covergloobus not working properly, i poked around in the GMB settings and found the desktop widgets.

  • Are there any more than the included layouts available?
  • Where are these widget layouts stored?
  • Are they customisable?
  • If they are customisable, would i be able to set a background image for the widget, to be similar to my covergloobus layout as seen here: (the bottom of the screen)?
Looking through the list of remote commands, i notice i can set the rating with a remote command, however, i'm not sure how exactly i need to set the commands to do this.

gmusicbroswers -cmd SetSongRating is the command, but what else to i need to add to it?

Ideally, i'd like to set a number of 20% increments to various keys, or even be able to simple increase or decrease the rating by 20 using, say; ctrl+keypad+ & ctrl+keypad-
I've enabled the plug-in 'gnome mmkeys' and the play/pause button on my Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard responds as expected.

When assigning keys to next/prev (settings>keys) they fail to work unless i have GMB focussed, which isn't much use to me.

I've tried using the back/forward keys on my KB, ctrl + assorted numpad keys, etc, but nothing seems to work. Most frustratingly; I can't assign ctrl+arrow keys to functions.

Any ideas?


assign following to key combination of choice via: system>preferences>keyboard shortcuts
gmusicbrowser -cmd <command here>

Just wondering where Ratings and saved playlists/filters are stored so i can make sure i have everything backed up in case the worst happens.

Also; How can i export filters (if at all)?

Loving GMB. It's become my default music player. I never thought i'd replace Exile...
Ideally, i'd like to have GmusicBrowser laid out like this (click for larger).
Problem is; I can't make much sense of the code for layouts, so i'm here asking for help.

Perhaps someone is feeling kind enough to modify the layout 'Playlist, Library & Context' to resemble my mock-up?

And the same again, but described in text:
Modify layout 'Playlist, Library & Context' to include the filter list below the Playlist. Add playlist tabs to the top of the playlist.